Goa Memoirs : Nov’ 2010

“Babes in bikinis orange and bright,
Too flimsy to quite hold on tight.
Glasses of wine all around the pool,
Aromas delicious and worthy of drool.
A reckless sea cracking the shore,
Unleashing the waviest from its store.
A dark tan clingy and brown,
Festive nightlights all over the town.
Bikes on rent and a baby soft lane,
Tattoo parlours that claim ‘no pain’.
English hats to shade from the sun,
Summer dresses to flaunt for fun.
Beach shacks with karaoke bars,
Quiet tables to look at the stars.
The rumbling shore to sit quietly by,
To hold on tight as the good times fly.
The sun and sand in memories to lock,
For a smile later… for dreams to stock.”

P.S.: Child (ish?). That’s how Goa makes me feel. Like I can fly. Like I can pluck a star for my Christmas basket. And there’s this voice in my head which says all I prayed for at the little church near Candolim Beach is going to come true. And when it does, I am going back.

Picture Courtesy: Manish Kumar

Trip to Amba Ghat & Helter Skelter : 1st-3rd Oct ’10

There was a time in school when we divided India’s geography into the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats. I owe it to MKCL for enlightening me with the actual abundance of ghats in the country – all green, wet and err, wild. This quarter it was time for the epic Amba Ghat.

We started at 6 in the morning in our favourite vehicle – a 17 seater Tempo Traveller. Four travelers had it butter smooth in an Indica which trailed and led as pleased. The rest of us sat stuffed up in the tourist bus’ poorer brother which shook the ones sitting at the back from tip to toe. It took Munni to wake people up from motion induced slumber. With Manish taking the lead, the world danced as she apparently got badnaam over and over again.

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Trip to Mumbai – MKCL’s 10th ‘Foundation Day’ Special

If only that time I took French lessons as a kid could be brought back, I would ask for a language alteration. Sadly, je ne comprends pas – I don’t understand – doesn’t work at all here in Maharashtra. How urgently I need to understand the language of ikre and tikre came to light at MKCL’s 10th Foundation Day ceremony in Mumbai.

I admit, why we were excited about the trip had a lot to do with the prospect of a working Saturday spent on a long drive through the picturesque Pune-Mumbai highway. It also had to do with a bright and new spirit of loyalty toward your first employer and the enthusiasm to see in person the CM of the state. I am happy to declare that all bullet points were achieved.

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Mesmerizing Malshej – DU Picnic June 24th to 26th 2010

Malshej Ghat

It was after much thought and change of plans that Malshej Ghat was chosen as the DU picnic destination for the April-June 2010 quarter.

The ‘Why did I say Yes’ Checklist:

1. Two full days of vacationing and goodbye to office? If there is bliss, it is this!

2. Didn’t they say the Ravan climax was shot there?

3. Duh, it’s a free trip. I would be a fool to not go!

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