Monsoon is Here, I Swear

Rain in Pune

Last evening, R and I were lounging in the living room when the curtains fluttered like crazy. The koel went almost berserk. The winds whistled; the trees across the street rustled. Could it really be happening? Could it, after weeks of insane April heat, really be raining?

I ran to the balcony. The sight that awaited me made my spirits dance.

The sky was overcast with dark clouds—not the sunny-weather ones, but the black ones that portend rain. Little kids, squealing for all they were worth, were running about in the courtyard. Birds—all but the koel—were returning home for supper. I extended my arms and walked out from under the sun-shade.

It started to rain. A few random drops, steadily growing in urgency, already making the air fragrant, already dissipating the heat. I could sense my woes getting drenched, too scared to resurface. My angst over the impossibly early summer disappeared without protest. The night ahead would be pleasantly cool, I knew, and a gentle breeze would lull us to sleep.

This morning, it is distinctly cooler.

“No, it isn’t,” claimed R.

I showed him three different temperature reports and forced him to agree.

“But monsoon is far, far away,” he persisted. “It is only the beginning of summer. And weren’t you the one frowning about the rains only last year?”

I had to grant him that. In 2018, it had rained and rained in Pune until all my clothes had started to smell up the place. The air would be perpetually dank, unpleasantly damp. Commuting sapped from you the desire to live. Forget pakoras or colourful umbrellas, I had languished over all things morose and melancholic. Dirty windows. Infested food-grains. Mud-splattered windshields.

But that had been another year. Presently, even though the sky is clear and sunny, I sit here conjuring up visions of rainfall. Perhaps, come evening, the rain clouds will come calling again. Once more, the colours will change to indigo and violet, and the heavens will open.

The rain will fall steadily, and my heart will forget everything but the music of the moment.

*             *             *

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22 thoughts on “Monsoon is Here, I Swear

  1. I love it when it rains in summer! It fills me with so much joy and calm at the same time. Its a perfect kind of a day, with a sunny morning and a cool drizzly evening. It rained here in Bangalore too and I was so happy. 🙂

    • It sure feels joyful; summer rain is such a blessing. Glad Bangalore got some rain too – here’s hoping for beautiful days ahead 🙂
      So good to hear from you!

  2. The heat is getting unberable but last couple of days have been slightly cooler. It rained in certain parts of Mumbai too, though not our area. Not like last year, but I do hope rains don’t take too long to make an appearance.

  3. It does seem that way – even here in Delhi we have a glorious overcast day with pleasant breezes. But monsoon is a specific term referring to a wind that brings the monsoon clouds to us. And this is not it.

    • Yeah, my grandparents in Delhi were telling me of storm-like weather and how they hoped it would break the heat.
      No No – it is a kind of pre- pre- monsoon, trust me! 😛 😀

  4. The post had made me feel so wanting for the rains. The first smell of the soil when the drops touch the hot soil is my favourite smell. Every small detail that you conveyed was so lively that I can totally visualise the picture. Nicely put.

  5. Last evening, the weather looked like it was going be a kalboisakhi jhor. But it left us wanting for more. The morning has been unusually hot and humid today. And I am craving some rains after reading your post. Shubho noboborsho tomay

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