The Song of Yore

MusicThis morning, I heard the faint strands of a song I used to love in another time. An era ago, or so it seems. It was playing in a car that drove past mine, happy faces, people listening to it with wonder.

I realise, I still love the song, I always will. But I haven’t listened to it in years.

Not since the last time I played it on my phone as Mom and I made our way to the hospital. The song has slid into deep recesses of my brain, loved and yet unloved, both at once.

The song makes me think of rain-washed evenings when Mom and I ate pakoras while sitting on the balcony. The sky overcast, but our thoughts fresh and bright and flowing. Conversations always flowed with Mom; they were unafraid of judgment or being “annoying”.

The song played on the new laptop Mom and Dad got me for a birthday, the laptop I carried to Pune when I first moved here, on nights when I loved my new life and yet missed the familiar smell of chicken curry in Granny’s kitchen.

I walked in step with the song on many meaningful mornings, my mind full of resolutions for the day, my heart light as a bird, my dreams from the night before lighting up the day ahead.

Somewhere along the way, noise deafened the song: car horns, screaming people, doubt, loss.

The song is back in my mind now. It is playing gently somewhere, like the burbling of a jungle stream or the chirping of dawn birds on faraway hills.

I wonder if I still know the words to the song. I guess the only way I’ll know for sure is if I sing, or at least, try to sing along.


10 thoughts on “The Song of Yore

  1. Reading these posts, makes me feel like you are rediscovering yourself! Sing aloud, my dear, for nothing can be better than finding oneself from a happy past 💕

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