The Clocks Just Changed

Daylight savings

They went an hour backwards yesterday, on Oct 29. Who says time can never go back, or that we can never reclaim what’s once lost?

Daylight savings has ended for the year in Europe, which means we are now 4.5 hours behind India. This is a big situation for the families back home. Many members of R and my families can still never remember how it’s the wee hours of the morning for us when its noon for them.

“You still sleeping?! Wait till you guys have children…then we will talk.” Blah and stuff.

“It’s 6 AM on a Sunday, dear so-and-so. Did you remember to check the clock?”

On another note, something boils within me whenever people try to present having children as some sort of prison. You cannot sleep in on weekends, you cannot go to the movies, oh you childless couple will never understand our agony…I mean, big salute to all the parents of the world; parenting is indeed an extremely demanding job. But having children was a decision you guys took, and I am assuming it presents several joys that make up for the losses. But I digress.

Another effect of the clocks turning back is that Grandpa and I have several fascinating conversations about how daylight savings work.

“But what happens to that extra hour? How can you just voluntarily decide to change time by one hour?”

We talk about how this model aims to make better use of sunlight – something that is getting increasingly rare as winter takes its hold over Vienna. But he asks me about it almost every other day. He loves hearing about my life here – the vegetable market with exotic foods he hasn’t seen in India, the lush gardens and parks, the chilly winds even in July, the autumn leaves strewn all over. He says he often thinks about me in the evening, when he is sitting in the swing in our balcony, watching cars zoom past.

Autumn in Vienna

I spent a good amount of time yesterday adjusting alarms on my phone and laptop. It fascinates me how we tamper with time like this, how we can make it go forward or backward at will. But then again, this too is just an illusion of control. Time is going by as always; in fact, it is speedier than ever. It giggles at R and my contented faces as we sit in the autumn sunshine. Time knows better than we do that these last remnants of sunshine will soon be eaten up by fog, frost and snow.



13 thoughts on “The Clocks Just Changed

  1. Where’s there delete comment button?

    Completing the comment above :
    Oh the last paragraph that you came up with. Splendid! To be honest, daylight savings confuses me too, at times.

  2. The day light savings concept is weird. Sitting in India and talking my US team, the time zone advances and I finish not at 9 but 10pm. Cos they moved their clock.
    Wishing you cosy times ahead! And children? Well, in my life, every other example starts and ends with that. Till you have one, these comments will keep on pestering 😉

    • Haha that must have been interesting, Parul! 🙂 Wishing you a happy winter too!

      On children – yeah, couldn’t agree more. Make that ‘two’, actually, for they start asking about the ‘sibling’ as soon as the first one arrives. 😛

      So good to hear from you!

  3. I have never understood the rationale behind moving the clocks back and forth. The sun does its thing regardless; and the moon does its thing regardless; our daylight hours get shorter and longer over any given 12 month period… regardless. The only difference is we play with clocks twice a year in order to “move” the daylight hours to a more convenient part of the day. Are we really that incapable of simply adapting to the results of our planet’s trip around its orbit?

    • Colin – your comment made me smile 🙂 You are right – everything keeps happening regardless and here we keep fiddling with stuff, trying to make things more convenient.

  4. Time is something I am coping with and those Pune days which was the best years of life. How much I wish to turn this clock? You know my laptop is set to Indian time and it gives me a sort of closure. We must make the most. Enjoyed this writing on grandpa missing you and something written from the depth of your heart, Debo.

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