God Exists! Here’s Proof…

First up, let me present some photographic evidence:

Tulips in bloom

Tulips in bloom, in colours straight out of a little one’s poster-paints box

Spring in Vienna

Little blossoms in yellow, orange and white, stacked next to each other and as lively as sunshine


Spring in Vienna

Cherry blossoms, lavender and plants full of minuscule flowers, in shades that reflect the glory of a spring evening

So, now, my question – Who designed these divinely beautiful things, with their stunning and impossible colouring, in the symmetry and patterns that the best of man-made instruments struggle to imitate?

My best guess is, if it wasn’t God, it was perhaps an artist(s) who goes by that name. It seems incredible that it was only the Big Bang and the growth and evolution that followed that brought to the world such immense beauty, geometry and precision. It needs more than someone looking at utility to create this; it needs artists, poets and thinkers who appreciate that beauty is its own purpose.

Spring is in full-bloom in Vienna, and the BlumenGarten captures it in all its finery. On a spring afternoon, it is sheer bliss to just be there, and listen to the frogs and the song-birds. While the croaking frogs fancy themselves singing sensations, and the song-birds really do sing beautifully, I daresay I enjoy both forms of music. The frogs remind me that all of us have the freedom to express ourselves and sing out in joy, never mind whether we are in pitch, melody or sync to others around us. And the birds? They remind me of my childhood, of putting out bird-food with mum, of watching little birdlings in their nest atop the trees in our neighbourhood, and of waking up to melodies in the mornings.

It is sad how our belief in a greater power dwindles in times of misery, cold and darkness. Nothing seems divine about relentlessly shivering nights, hunger and melancholy. But, as all artists will tell us, a perfect picture builds on contrast. There are shades and hues of all kinds that make a picture complete. If there is winter, and sorrow, and hopelessness, there’s also spring, and joy, and new promises.

Spring, you beauty! ❤


19 thoughts on “God Exists! Here’s Proof…

  1. This is refreshing. I also find this line of reasoning. Evidences that give a peek into some things bigger than us I guess. Written so simply that it’s very easy to read!

  2. Beautiful pictures that make us one in nature. An interesting debate on the proof of God. We had a whole paper in Philosophy during my Pune FC days. I am quite confused on God’s existence but guess shall keep for another day. Keep believing in everything beautiful.

    • Ah, that must have been an interesting paper! 🙂
      Indeed, this continues to be a confusing subject open to debate. But yes, like you said, I guess it’s best to just keep believing in the beauty of the moment. 🙂

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