Chasing Sunshine

Last week, from Monday through Friday, the sun came up every single morning. It was bright and sunny at 6 AM and the rest of the day remained pleasant, even if not too warm. This was a welcome change from the long winter months of grey skies and snow and rare, if any, visits from the sun. I determined to make the most of this change over the weekend when I would venture out into the sunshine and let it warm my winter-beaten fingers and toes. I would also finally discard my black fur jacket which has been my constant companion in the last few months. While it is pretty and smart (considering I made sure R spent quite a lot of time helping me pick one), I have tired of its weight and its brooding reminder of how winter beats down on us still, relentless and forlorn.

When Friday evening arrived, I got ready my early-summer wardrobe, even though it is really too premature. But I was optimistic. The sun would save me from the bite of the cold winds. I went to sleep that night enthusiastic about spending the weekend in the lap of golden sunshine, after so, so long. I think I dreamt a bit about chasing golden, sunny globes in the sky…

My eyes opened on Saturday morning later than my usual wakeup time, thanks to the absence of my cellphone alarm. It was Saturday! Time to start the weekend on a warm note and let the sun stream in through the window. Let me just go push the curtains aside and open the window a little…

The street was deserted, with not a soul in sight. It was pouring with rain.

*             *             *

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