Of Fire and Icecream

Tawa Icecream

Guava crush.


And pure refrigerating and gastronomic genius.

Last evening in F.C. Road, the venue for Pune’s unending carnival, R and I were lucky enough to taste Tawa Ice-cream. Tawa Pulao and Pau-Bhaji, make way! Ice-cream is the latest thing you can make on a tawa (frying pan).

Scores of people watched transfixed as the creative geniuses rolled up the chunks of snowy icecream into Swiss-roll like, well, rolls. It was incredibly neat. When we had had our fair share of exploring the umpteen street food items on offer at FC – they now have glorious appe and thalipeeth as well – we managed to find a clearing in the crowd. There, atop the heated tawa, our ice-cream was made live and served to us topped with black salt and chilli flakes. What with air balloons rising in the background and stars shining in a late weekend sky, it was magical.

I’d say, hands down, Tawa Icecream is among the most interesting things you can make on a tawa. Have you ever tried this?

*             *             *

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