I wait for the weekend the entire week, counting the remaining days on my fingers till I can squeal in delight over how there’s no alarm clock the next morning. When I leave for work every day, my balcony is already flooded with tremendously inviting sunshine – the kind that makes me reconsider the point of leaving the house. When the weekend arrives, I tell myself, I will lap up as much sunshine as I can, sitting out in a green-field with a picnic basket and a book.

I lived out a two-day weekend recently and did just that, never mind how the green field was mostly my bed and the picnic basket a Chinese takeaway. I did enjoy the sun on a particularly warm late afternoon, when R and I ventured out into a world that seemed freshly laundered. Sleep, I have heard, does that to you, especially when you get it after a long, zombie-like time.

Tomorrow is the Indian Republic Day and many offices, as well as my productivity meter, will remain shut. But logically, a case can be made for the healing power of sleep, food and idle thought. Those three in an unending loop are what I often need to revive myself from murderous routines, romance killers, bloodsucking commutes and demoralizing workdays. To be honest, it isn’t even a revival; it’s a resurrection.

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18 thoughts on “Resurrection

    • Absolutely Mel. A mid-week day off becomes a must to keep yourself from draining out completely before the weekend arrives.
      Cheers to next weekend. May it come soon! 😀

  1. I once spent a whole day doing nothing while sitting half way up a hill in a conservation area in the middle of summer. After a couple of hours of contemplating the surroundings, my mind started contemplating life in general and where I fit into it! It was a very interesting, enlightening and “stabilizing” experience! 🙂

    • That sounds perfectly magical, Colin. I bet it must have indeed been a thoroughly stabilising experience – one that doesn’t happen too often but should. We all need to take time out to contemplate life and where it’s heading, so lost we are in the mad rush!

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