Moony Over Hyderabad

Moon over hyderabad


There’s something very special about attending a friend’s engagement. You feel a great sense of surprise that everyone is growing “big”, apprehension that the impending wedding may take your friend far away, and excitement about dressing up and digging into awesome food. And then, if you also get to explore Hyderabad – the city of Nizams – it’s a priceless combination!

The air was thick even in the late evening; the city seemed oblivious to the fact that much of India was in the midst of monsoon. It ceased to matter eventually, when the crescent moon and strands of azaan from a nearby mosque filled my hotel room. We discussed (in great detail) mehandi, clothes and jewellery and I fretted over how the elaborate outfits would restrict my love affair with Hyderabad biryani, kababs and chicken curries.

On my last night in the city, as I sat amidst the lights in the winding, busy lanes, I was visited by a potful of thoughts. How happy my friend looked, what I was doing the evening before my own engagement, the Karachi Bakery goodies I had tucked into my bag, and how the night would be even more beautiful if only it was cooler.

The clouds hid the moon just then and rain came down in big, refreshing drops. I sat gazing at the Hyderabad sky for several minutes. It was perfect.


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