Steaming Things Up This Monsoon

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It’s only June but mornings in Pune have started to bring rain. I woke up to the music of raindrops last night and stopped short of spooking R out by walking to the bedroom all drenched, holding a flashlight. Things got dreamier when sweet, fragrant winds blew in from the window at dawn and I couldn’t believe the world could be cruel enough to expect me to work (turns out it could!). This was when I decided on an evening treat. 

Well, I am a major sucker up for soup. I love warming my fingers over the steam and love how it makes my insides go snug. I get along reasonably well with tomato, vegetables and sweet corn but chicken and I share a special relationship. There was a time when I made do with packaged soup and added generous quantities of pepper and oregano (the ones I forced the pizza delivery guys to part with). But now that a functional kitchen is at my disposal, my soup and I just got all passionate again.

R complains it has hardly been raining enough in Pune to rave about soup. He doesn’t understand. I can already see misty windows, smell the onion pakoras and sense the umbrella raring to leave my closet. I hand R a soup ladle and continue to slurp from my big bowl of happiness. I looove steaming things up! 😀

27 thoughts on “Steaming Things Up This Monsoon

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  3. Every time I end up here in your blog, it never ceases to leave me without zeal in my heart and a wide smile on my face. I love India, the heritage, the culture and everything about it. Having many amazing friends from across the border, I share a very close intimacy with the other side of the Wahga. You are turning to be one of my most favorite writer! And I fondly look forward to your posts, it feels like you’re sitting next to me and saying it all with a beautiful company. You’re such a charmer and a sweetheart.


    • Hira, warm welcome here and you just brightented up my morning with your kind words. Thanks a lot and it cheers me tremendously to know you enjoy reading what I churn out. 🙂
      I hope to be able to continue to bring an Indian (and Puneri!) flavour to you. Look forward to seeing you around. ❤

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  5. Hey there. The great thing about soup, esespecially vegetable soup, is that you can be as creative as possible. I love making tomato soup, however along with the tomatoes (fresh and tinned), I also throw in celery, organic peppers and sweet potatoes. Add a little single cream and presto yum yum all the way.
    happy souping.

    • Hey, fellow soup lover. Tomato soup is certainly one of my favourites too and Mom is generous with the peppers. 🙂 Your recipe sounds delicious. Makes me crave anew for soup later tonight.

      Happy souping to you too and good to hear from you. 🙂

  6. So many goods things to read here! I feel as if I have just stopped my life for a short break and been inundated with warmth. What a lovely feeling! To see the positive side of a monsoon …..when many others are cursing it. To be so excited about soup ….. when others will that ignore the idea in preference to a more complex meal. I will simply thank you for a wonderful interlude in my day. Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Colin, I say it again, your positivity is infectious! 🙂 Discussing life’s little surprises and throwbacks with you often helps me realize how I may be overeacting. How I am missing out on appreciating something which deserves to be applauded – only because I am stuck with something trivial.

      I am delighted you enjoyed the post and it brought a happy interlude to your day. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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