A Celebration like No Other

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On summer afternoons, sometimes, I watch the sunlight streak in through the window and drop onto the floor. It is usually golden. It reminds me of sitting on the floor surrounded by sketch-pens and drawing paper, accompanied by a glass of lemonade, a bowl of mangoes and a very excited Mom. She laughs when I tell her about my reminiscence. “That is a nice and subtle way of saying you miss me. I had warned you as much when you were busy buying wedding saris.” To make me smile, she sends me pictures of the potted plants in our backyard. The colourful new blossoms dancing in the wind instantly cheer me up.

To be honest, nostalgia can be immensely absorbing. 

Ditto for foreshadowing. When I am on my own, in the solitude Wordsworth talked about so generously in his poetry, I find myself indulging in both. Going out into the evening to play Badminton with Grandpa. Fidgeting all around the dining room in anticipation of the chicken I could smell in Grandma’s kitchen. Penning down a perfectly crafted tale. Dreaming of my next vacation when I would see clouds peep in at my door. Planning my wardrobe revamp for Durga Puja in October. The exercise always ends with a bang – or rather, the ring of my mobile phone, a knock on the door, the beep of my microwave.

Interestingly, when I am transported back to the present, the little gifts in my life become evident. My husband returns from work and we have another glorious evening to spend together – something which was only a dream back when we were dating. Distant thunder rumbles in the sky and the plants in the neighbourhood park whisper melodies of rain. Little kids in the colony abandon their outdoor sports in favour of a game of table-tennis in the club house.  We stand in the balcony, holding hands and nibbling at potato pakoras.

By the time the first stars come up, we have fixed yet another date to renew our gym enrolment. We have also planned to spend the weekend re-watching our favourite movies, this time with home-made summer beverages in our special crystal glasses. “But I had kept them away for special occasions.” I complain. “Life with you is special enough to be celebrated every day.” I roll my eyes; he hums a little tune over and over till I throw a cushion at him.

In all the hard work that life can be, we end up taking so much for granted. A grumpy boss overshadows the satisfying work we are assigned; fatigue makes us irritable and oblivious to the peace that is home. Putting off all our plans for “when I have more time” makes our happiness elusive. We can see it up there – tantalisingly close – but never quite reach it. Over time, I have realized that my “big” moments in life have been as much that milestone birthday as that time Mom and I spent our Sunday watching television, eating pizza and singing Hindi film songs.

When the sun rises over our home every morning, I let go of a little regret, make peace with a painful memory, and forgive myself for last night’s show of temper. I wave at the plants taking in the early morning breeze. I eat a hearty breakfast, feel the sun warm my freshly showered skin, and celebrate the fresh opportunity to take stock, make amends, laugh. Then, I open a blank page on my word processor and proceed to tell the stories that have grown up with me. With every fresh word, I celebrate life – a celebration like no other.

*             *             *

*Picture from imgarcade.com

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30 thoughts on “A Celebration like No Other

  1. Wonderfully written.. Too surreal to think that letting go of our mistakes is so easy and effortless. The idea is to keep at it and be ready welcome the new day with a smile 🙂

  2. First of all, congratulations and big hugs on your wedding. Stay blessed 🙂
    Coming to this post, what a genuine, warm post to read on a Monday morning. So beautifully written Deb!

    • Well put, Vishal. The little things during the day, the moments we tend to take for granted are often the ones we look back on fondly. Thank you so much for the kind words. 🙂

  3. I agree with everything you said and can relate to it, even though cultural boundaries are crossed. It is so easy (too easy) to take things for granted. This can be a problem because it would tend to make one self centred and totally intolerant to others with a lesser lifestyle. It also makes us very selfish in that we become difficult if our lifestyle is forced to change. It is so easy to be happy and friendly on a bright sunny day and when relationships are good, and my work is appreciated. Happiness is radiated to others under those circumstances and may help them reassess their own life. How would I feel if my relationship had just dissolved, and it was a dreary rainy day, and all the time I just put into a project was clearly not appreciated? I would probably not inspire anybody to do anything! So because I was miserable over a bad day, other people suffered. I believe the goal of anybody can be simplified to two areas – be satisfied and happy with what you currently have (and if it improves … great); believe that when things are not going quite the way you would like, there is a good reason for it so embrace the change ……. and then be satisfied and happy with what you currently have!

    This is not to say that you shouldn’t strive for a better life, but don’t let dreams of a better future deter you from enjoying the present……. and always smile! Smiling is a powerful communication tool!

    • I am smiling widely after reading your comment. 🙂
      I absolutely agree with you on the hows and whys of happiness. When all is well with the world, happiness seems a natural outcome. What is important is to keep faith alive during the tough times and find little reasons to be happy. Even when all is dreary, like you said, we should endeavour to embrace the change and hang in there.

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