Welcome, February

If I listen well, I can still hear the New Year countdown that brought in 2015. But if I look around, I see empty pizza boxes that have now, quite literally, gone to the dogs, and the carcasses of resolutions that are rotting in the faint winter sun. The calendar tells me we are already a month into this not-so-new year, and February, the herald of spring, is here with all its romantic charms.

This is the month of my wedding, that great Indian festival which all families, especially ones with daughters, anticipate with mixed emotions. While this is the moment that R and I have been talking about and planning for several years now, I will admit it is unnerving (and packed with frantic activity) that the day is close enough now to run a count on my fingers.

When I look around into the Delhi evening, the red sunset is simultaneously reminiscent of the carefree years of my childhood, and packed with the promise of new beginnings. It is a glorious sunset and I stand admiring it for many long moments, accompanied only by the breeze as carefree as my childhood.

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28 thoughts on “Welcome, February

  1. Aww ☺️ Nicey nice debo! 🙂 Lemon & I got married in this super awesome month 🙂 Many many congratulations and wish you the bestest ! 🙂

    Please find time to blog and tell me all about it okay?

  2. …then February is indeed a special month. A month to welcome in a new breeze into your life.
    Well my warmest congratulations to you both and your families. The importance of union in marriage is and will remain for me the very pinnacle of two people showing that commitment and willingness to support each other.
    Save a slice of cake for me.

    • *Gives orders to save a big slice of cake for you* 🙂
      Thanks a million for the warm wishes and prayers. As I welcome this new breeze into my life, I will definitely try and renew my commitment and support towards R and our families. 🙂

  3. Oh how lovely Deboshree. This is going to be a roller coaster of a month for you. What with wedding jitters and excitement. I do hope you have time to blog so that your readers get to hear a little and share in the fun. Hugs

    • Absolutely Kalpanaa. There’s loads of both – jitters and excitement. I hope I manage to keep both at bay and all goes well. 🙂
      I definitely will take time out to blog. It will be super sharing the moment with awesome fellow bloggers like you. 🙂

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