The Republic of Peace


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Some things in life are meant to be cherished. Like a stolen kiss, or hot chocolate with marshmallows, or a holiday on that otherwise most dreadful of days – Monday! It can be easy to overlook the multi-layered blessings that come with a day off on Monday, hence necessitating this post. Say, for instance, I could wake up without the fear of risking my sanity in boarding the crowded Metro, and I have at my disposal the whole of the afternoon and the evening when I can be as lazy or as productive as I please (something that is likely to depend on the temperament of the sun which is yet to come up).

In many yesterdays, I would spend Republic Day watching the parade on television, with Mom planning on ordering in food later in the day. I also remember trudging along to Aga Khan Palace in Pune, with R taking me through the various moments in Indian history that have been captured there so beautifully. This year, the air is resplendent with new friendships and promises – courtesy Prime Minister Modi and US President Obama, photo-ops of whom are splashed all over Indian media and wherever else I look.

I plan to dedicate the rest of this Republic Day to living up to the most important rule in my life: do whatever brings you peace of mind (which can very well imply cozily staying in with a book and doing absolutely nothing else).

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16 thoughts on “The Republic of Peace

  1. Happy R Day. Saw the colorful celebration on NDTV. I attended the flag raising in the country I am based at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture. An emotional and proud moment for every Indian as the tricolor raised in the sky:)

    • Wow Vishal, that sounds splendid! It is weird how I have been in Delhi all these years and seen the celebrations only on television. My grandparents and Mom would go every year and they tell me of the grandeur.
      Hope you had a great time! 🙂

  2. Debs all the best and have a good time .. Happy Republic day to you toooooooo

    reminds me of the day in chandigarh and on republic day watching the parade and then doing i myself with ncc .. and then the biggest MOAN of the day was that is ia DRY DAY so no alcohol 🙂

    and my dad would specially go to Sector 7 and get us Poori-Cholle for breakfast , and sweets , I know it was not a big thing but 26th January it had to happen every year ..

    and hope you go to do NOTHING 🙂 he he he

    but then heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no time to rest .. you know what i mean .. 🙂 he he he he

    • Haha, your comment about Dry Day reminds me of a joke that has been doing the rounds. Modi visited the US during Navratri, remember? 😀
      Poori cholle, sweets and yes, jalebi! You brought alive some lovely memories Biks. For us too, national holidays have been about good food.

      Yes, I essentially did nothing. 😀 I read, I watched a movie and I made to-do lists.
      Thank you for the reminder, by the way. 😛 Like I said, I did make to-do lists after all. 😀

  3. Good Morning from here and Happy Republic Day. Do you know in all the hectic rush of life, the constant running around that puts us in the false sense of security that we are actually on the cusp of something great…we forget all about those things that give us peace of mind and some tranquillity..the fun stuff.
    “….on a somewhat cool morning, just when there is enough dew settling on the lush green grass, I often find myself walking to the bench nearby. I carefully remove my shoes, take off my socks and tuck them inside the shoes, rolled up neatly. I then walk towards the wet grass, planting each foot carefully so that each step feels like a new experience. Wiggling my toes, I have a smile across my face, I am ease…”

    Have a nice day.

    • This was exquisitely put! I could visualise the peace as I read and I couldn’t agree more. Peace brings us new experiences for it allows us to think of things other than the mad rush of life.

      The past day was one such. I eagerly look forward to carving more such days for myself as the year progresses. Wish you lots of beautiful moments too and thank you very much for the beautiful comment that made me smile 🙂

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