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There are people who kill for revenge and those who kill for being told to park their vehicle away from the gate.

Every time I switch on a news channel or refresh Google News on the internet, there are fresh reports of killings in this oh-so-beautiful New Year. To add insult to the injury, there are people who disguise their heinous acts under would-be “noble” causes: religion, honour, independence.

There seems to be no dearth of global summits and think-tank discussions on ways to stop crime and terrorism. In the Metro each evening, I see a political party promising CC TV cameras in buses to help women be safe. God forbid, but I am sure the promise will scale up to other modes of transport (now cabs?) if Delhi continues to live up to its ugly “rape capital” title. There are teachers beating up children, asking girl students to undress as “punishment” – and all of this is screened to us on television every night in an unending loop. Isn’t it time already for the Gods, if they are up there, to shove the planet under the sea?

In the morning, it gives me peace to listen to the tittering of birds. A good number of them come visit the lemon tree in my front-yard, and chatter away, unperturbed by the cats staring at them from my balcony. All too soon though, I am forced to listen to people shouting at the Metro staff for daring to hold up their bags as suspicious. People walk about abusing their fellow-mates in lurid language. Society discusses disintegrating marriages and aspects of people’s lives that were once called “personal”. Not a day goes by without murder – of ethics, faith and life.

I wonder if the good architect who designed the world is now pulling it down, bit by bit, to mow it over and reconstruct anew. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea, if you ask me.

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These recent posts by Bikram and The Girl next Door set me thinking. Disillusionment, I find, is easier to manage when you know there still is empathy in the world.


8 thoughts on “Disillusioned

  1. There is still empathy in this world, that is for sure. Do not let a few stupid people like these disillusion you of that. I personally know a few very warm, sensitive people who care for others and their needs.

    • Yes. Its time to count blessings and feel thankful for the sensitive and warm people we know around us. I see fewer of these every time I take stock…Erm. Times like the present ones are bad for cynics.

  2. I wonder in which kind of world we live with such unreasonable people, getting violent over simple things that gets so out of hands. Sometimes, it might get worse. Is it work stress or inflated ego with the religious thing being blown out of proportion. Makes me wonder!!

  3. We are living in such bad times Debs, I dont know how people can say we are developing .. I mean we are reaching MARS. what use is that when a human being is killed just for the sake of it .. and even if they have done something wrong.. what wrong have the innocent bystanders done.. what is their fault ..

    I dont have words to express my frustration.. I wish there was a way…

    Take care Debs

    • Agreed. There is no sense in economic or technological development if people have stooped so low. It is extremely frustrating. I feel powerless and at a loss for further hope.

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