So long, 2014

Delhi woke up this morning to another foggy, wintry day. The cold doesn’t make allowances for the last day of the year. While my normal sentiment on December 31 is surprise that the year rushed by at top speed, today is different. In the year that will be gone in a couple of hours, I have felt each moment. I have labored through hot summer afternoons and sultry monsoonal days. I have counted days until the end of the month, every month. I have memorized the quotes on my reusable calendar. In the Metro each morning, I have specially noticed the city rush past. This hasn’t been possible these last few weeks though. It has been way too foggy.

In several ways, I know I will never forget 2014.

It has been vicious, unrelenting, cruel. It has also been forgiving and comforting. However, today, all I can feel is delight that if nothing but numerically (chronologically?), the year will be done with soon. It will pass out amidst the music blaring at parties and shy away from the glaring lights of festivity. 2014 will set off in a car, the city glowing in the distance. It will wave to us in goodbye, which the thickening December fog will prevent us from noticing. Subsequently, it will breathe only in conversations that refer to it in past tense.

The world will ensure the year ends with a bang. With fireworks, music, house-parties and television specials. The future always brims with hope and expectation. We never learn to curtail our flights of fancy and indeed dreamers would prohibit us from doing so. It seems pessimistic to believe that when the wheel turns a full circle, we will be back to the origin – failed resolutions, broken dreams, more misses than hits. The best, though difficult, bet seems to be to make no resolutions, set no hopes, and quit keeping count.

That being said, I expect 2015 to be an eventful year. As is human, I am also full of New Year “goodness” – you know, the no fried-food, no staying late at work, no taking stress routine. I expect the goodness to fizzle out in a few days. We learn with time, you see. The family proposes to dig into some good food later tonight and keep the cold away with quilt-induced warmth. Tomorrow, I propose to ceremoniously put up a fresh new calendar. Mom and I will check out the holidays, long weekends and photographs for every month. The year 2014 will be part of the unending history book.

Wishing you a happy New Year 2015!


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