The White Walkers

Did you think the White Walkers existed only in George R Martin’s mystical world, somewhere near Westeros*? Well, let me warn you. A handful of them come visiting my home every day. By sundown, imagine their magic, I am a White Walker too! They keep away friends and relatives – all too petrified to visit. That being said, it’s actually fun watching them transform the walls of my home from weatherworn and weary to fresh and lively. The layers of white (not to forget dust, cobwebs and cockroaches) that settle on the skin are but a side-effect.

These efficient men scrape the walls of my home with all their heart. They murder the roaches with a vengeance; God knows how so many survive despite my best attempts at keeping them at bay! As the contents of one cupboard after another are taken out and piled in one of the remaining corners, I wish I hadn’t been such a hoarder.

Sadly, one of my cupboard walls – centuries old – couldn’t be completely cleaned of the stickers that err, stuck stubbornly on. I can’t believe I had proudly displayed stickers of “Tips Cassettes”, notebooks and “Winnie the Pooh” right on the cupboard door for everyone to see. I had actually been allowed to do that?! “How about you cover it with other, more appropriate stickers?” suggested a White Walker in as many words. “Why don’t I get you some tea?” I scampered.

The weekends are when I feel it most. This lingering sense of being enveloped with dust and oodles of white paint. The weekdays are when the darling grandparents supervise the work with élan. So, my weekends usually end with an elaborate shower, every speckle of white being washed away. What remains, thanks to the persevering men, is another new wall, a revamped room, a sparkling windowpane.

“What’s with all the whitewashing? Are you getting married?” demanded a curious neighbour. Ah, they did teach putting two and two together in school.

*The White Walkers are a mythological race in George R Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series, famously adapted in the “Game of Thrones” series on television. 


10 thoughts on “The White Walkers

    • Vishal, I will do a detailed post on that shortly. 😛
      Congrats on a neat wall. Ah, celebrities. Yes, Rahul Dravid remains my very first “poster-boy”. Calvin followed. Who grace your wall?

  1. Congratulations darling Deb! 🙂

    and on whitewashing and painters – I will keep mum – a long battle has been waged and lost for the stickers were scrubbed clean and the posters removed! My sis had to hang up news ones.. which thankfully, stay on the walls even after the second bout of painting and scrubbing those walls endured! 😛

    • Pixie! I will store your congratulations till I do a detailed post on the marriage line of thought. 😀
      Oops, I can understand how that war must have been. The Battle of Posters! I am glad the stickers have got more enduring now. 😉

  2. oh! they descend on my house once a blue moon, during renovation 😛

    your parents were sweet, allowing the casette covers to be stuck and all. my parents have an eerie sense of cleanliness, so the cupboards stayed spotless. lol 😀

    and marriage, huh? 🙂 when’s the big day, Deboshree?

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