Four Months on the Dose

Yes, I have been on tablets. In the singular, actually. The nifty device has come in handy for several maladies of my existence.

In the first month, when Dell very thoughtfully initiated the Blogger Review program, I found the tablet does a terrific job of Tuning out Noise. Loaded with music, movies and other A/V delights, I found the noise of the Delhi Metro fading into the background.

When Delhi burned under the furious June sun, the tablet helped me make the most of my evenings. I would sit out in my balcony, dream of distant thunder and write. My New Blogging Assistant had wireless internet connectivity, hassle-free portability and decent battery back-up. I could focus more on words, less on logistics.

With July, that month of sultry afternoons where clouds contain anything but rain, the tablet revealed new aspects I didn’t know existed. A massive app-store remained to be explored. At its convenient price point, this was a perfect gifting idea for the hordes of anniversaries and birthdays I always feel upon me. I sat down in June, Dwelling on Dell.

To bring further cheer to hot and humid July, a six-year old and his tiger came along one fine day, philosophizing on the hidden adventures in life. With the 5 Lessons by Calvin and Hobbes on Tablets Et Al, I found I could use my Dell Venue to never be late for an appointment, figure out my way in Delhi’s winding and scheming lanes, and work on the move to save precious moments of my day.

There came one fine day, when I came across my diary from yester-years. It was loaded with plans, moments and memories. Of times I could never turn back. My tablet helped me formulate new Bottle-Green Plans by evolving into my Corporate Fallback, Tour Guide, Social Consultant and De-Stresser.

Having found tremendous utility from my tablet, I turned charitable in August and decided to share 5 Symptoms to diagnose if you need a Tablet. People with crumbling laptops, who come into meetings dazed, and have a miniature world atop their desk at home, fitted the bill exactly.

While adopting technology was all very good, the abundance of over-smart relatives with their wise-as-an-owl kids tempted me to talk of Hi-Tech Children. While kids can learn volumes from the interactive applications, videos and learning games – all of which are supported by Dell Venue – parents, I feel, need to strive for a balance between the story book and Facebook, the muddy playground and the virtual game.

I have completed four months on the dose and it has been a fantastic journey. The Dell Venue comes across as a non-flashy, high-utility product, perfect for organizing, entertaining and working on the go. Dell – thank you for this brush with the Venue. With multiple (a)venues for the product, I’d say it’s highly recommended.

Oh, if words could kill. 🙂

*Written as the closing post for the Dell Blogger Review Program


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