Ten Things 2013 Taught Me

1.  Uneasy lie the brands that rope in celebrities as endorsers. One moment everything is hunky dory and there are people queuing outside your store. And the next moment, poof! Dope, a rape charge, a dead animal can shoo them all away.

2. There are moments in life when all you can do is sit by the window and watch the stars come out. For all the brouhaha about assertiveness and taking control of your life, these are moments when reflection is the best course of action.

3.  Trains offer the best opportunity to observe people. Flights tend to be sleepy, people absorbed in work, the view outside the window or their thoughts. But there’s no disguising vexation and true colours in a crowded metro where you long for the next person to either get down or offer you a seat.

4. The jhaadu* of modern society continues to sweep out introversion. It’s the age of conversations, or so they say. Of social media, communities and being interested in others around you. It’s increasingly difficult for the loners, especially after they perceive the hollow bottoms of most of these relationships.

5.  Health isn’t something you can ignore. This goes beyond a cup of green tea in the morning and cutting down on fats. It’s important to get sleep, feel de-stressed and take that vacation once in a while. Schedule a break when the rest of the world begins to obnoxiously howl into your ear.

6. Going to the movies can be harsh on the pocket. Especially in Delhi. It might be a good idea to go well fed so you can cost cut on the corn. Beware of compromising on the choice of movie, especially if the music is about Fevicol, Chewing Gum and Sari(s).

7. Time flies. Yes, you might have read this eons ago in school. But the full weight dawns on you when a wintery sun rises to a Christmas you no longer bring in with carols on the school stage. There are suddenly new responsibilities you can’t forget and go out to play. It might be a good idea to seize the day before it joins the league of moments you can only remember, not relive.

8. Do what your heart tells you is right. Notwithstanding the consensus about the brain’s superiority, a half-hearted decision you don’t feel strongly about/made under pressure will never succeed. This is true for all things human – education, relationships and priorities.

9. Count your blessings. You may not earn a million or own a palatial bungalow in uptown Mumbai. But you possibly have a friend to give a Christmas gift to, a family to hug, a little pet who looks at you fondly. Most importantly, you have the heavens above. While Santa may/not come riding in his sledge, you can go out for some role play and bless others in the world.

10. There are stories lurking in every corner. A story in every success, one in every misgiving. If there’s one foolproof way to bring in laughter and happiness, it’s ferreting out these little tales and realizing the lesson they carry. For ourselves and everyone around.

What have been your lessons in 2013?

*To read about lessons from a previous year, go here.


10 thoughts on “Ten Things 2013 Taught Me

  1. Fantastic post. I might want to do one of my own too. Lets see. the 5th point has been my biggest learning for the year. Nothing has changed with regards to that but I am hopeful 2014 gives me enough strength to bring about that change and sustain it.

    • The 5th point is crucial indeed. It has been one of my major learnings as well, communicated more by the aftermath of not heeding the learning. Do share your 2013 lessons.
      Hope you have a splendid 2014! 🙂

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