Four Years of Pune

Today, I complete four years and a month in Pune. Way back in 2009, I was bloated with apprehensions about settling in my phenomenally huge luggage-cartons. Who the hell takes all that? I had bravely ventured to ask as much to Mom, only to be reprimanded for how I clearly had no clue about moving. As I sit tucked in bed this night, the windchimes in my room dancing in the light, late November breeze, I realize how much has changed since then. I have grown into an expert packer, for instance. The only apprehension I now feel while moving is whether or not I clicked enough pictures to protect my best moments against time.

The city has been very kind to me. I have found love, contentment and freedom like never before. I now appreciate sunlight to dry clothes on a monsoonal day, lift spirits when little else does. The city, in its nimble little way, has given me multiple reasons to celebrate life. Tonight, with memories from the years gone by coming to mind in a melange, I feel the urge to document.

P&P, therefore, presents to you some of my best cherished moments in the city, in no order of preference. 

1. The Homecoming

The New Home

The New Home – Settling In

Shifting into my first paying guest accommodation and discovering a sleeping, messy roommate. Overcome with the desire to paint the room in shades I like and settle into reading by the night-lamp. Introducing myself to the society’s grocer, laundry guy, housemaid and dabba-walah

2. My Fond Food Times


Dessert Spread at Barbecue Nation, Deccan

Gazing thunderstruck at the watery daal in the dabba I had managed to open with difficulty. Ordering in food from the city’s popular coffee places. Gorging on too much paneer during a self-administered vegetarian diet, eventually leading to the inception of dear old P&P. Discovering how food is a whole new art in a diversion from my earlier, utilitarian away of eating.

3. Meeting Mr. R

Yellow blooms

Rain-fed Blooms, Pashan

The months where there was magic in the air and Puck went about with his purple flower on midsummer nights. Watching the rains lash at my window and the afternoon sun make rainbow patterns. Learning to cherish companionship, conversation and care with the one who gives all of that an entirely new definition.

4. The Pantry-Side Cubicle


The Pantry-Side Cubicle, SB Road

Sitting with a notebook for training sessions which spoke more for tic-tac-toe by the end of the day. Coding away to glory in my cubicle which got animated each time the pantry door opened and brought in the whiff of home-made food. Clapping my hands in glee after an appraisal meeting. Overwhelmed with all the good things said at the farewell.

5. The Road Less Trodden

Pune lanes

A quiet lane in Pune, near FC Road

Pursuing nature trails in places without phone network and shopping malls. Strolling on the city’s bustling lanes when evening arrives. Re-learning to dream and following what my heart tells me to. Looking up at the end of the year to behold hundreds of wishing-stars. Gazing at the bejewelled city from a hilltop, planning to stop for panipuri at the very stall from years ago.

I see the night deepen, the stars close and twinkling like glow-worms in the dark. But, in sheer indulgence for the city that has meant and continues to mean so much to me, I find myself wide-eyed. The colours of morning will soon light up the sky and just like four years ago, an entirely new day will be announced.

For more Pune tales, you might like to drop by Pune – Jai Maharashtra.

17 thoughts on “Four Years of Pune

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  2. Oh well, it’s my city now too right?
    Reading the post makes me feel that I haven’t done justice to it. Have not had the time really I guess. But should make some, before I leave, so that I have memories to talk of too! Lovely post 🙂

    • I can so relate to that feeling, DI. The thought that you haven’t had the time you could have had and it’s already time to leave. Wish you luck with creating those memories. 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

  3. It is my city and next time I am there we can meet. It is a city I want to settle down in some day. So many memories attached to it from the time I was not even knee high. Loved your post.

  4. Debo you are guilty for making me cry as you brought memories alive. It feels like it was just yesterday and that’s the magic of Pune, it never leaves you. The lane of FC, I’ve been here roaming on the scooter and love it on Sundays. Btw love the profile pic of Chattursringi temple and now u prompting me to write on Pune days:) The best days of ma life:)

    • Vishal, we share our sentiments about Pune and how. 🙂
      I know! FC road, Chaturshringhi Temple…since the time I first came here to now, there are umpteen memories attached to every bit of the city.
      Do write on your Pune days! I would love to read that post. 😀

  5. Ohhhhhhhh I love Pune… I was there for two months for my Internship and I fell in love with the city… 🙂 I keep loving it more and more bcoz, my dearest friends had made the city stay memorable for me…
    Though I’m not there now.. but I still miss Pune… and feel it is one of the best place to live n spend your life… it has everything to offer you.. from shopping centers to malls to natural sights to jobs to simplicity to fashion… 🙂 🙂

    I understand how shifting from a comfy zone in Pune means… Well written… 🙂 🙂 dont worry.. things will fall in place… why don’t you rent a house/flat?

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