Bring in the divine this Diwali

The Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack

The Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack: Everyone has a reason to pray

It’s that time of the year again. The roads are blocked, the markets are laced with gold streamers and houses are being spring-cleaned. Every year, when Diwali arrives, I am reminded of a very fond Dadi of mine. She would perform Lakshmi Pooja at home though several Bengalis usually celebrate the day as Kali Pooja. This entailed armfuls of prasad – all of it very tempting. When I came across Cycle Pure Agarbatti’s Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack, all I could visualize was Dadi and those armfuls of prasad. This neat and very easy-to-use pack is exactly like the magic wand that swings and behold, the stage is set.

Packed inside the orange confines of the box are over 30 elements needed to solemnize Lakshmi Pooja – the goddess of wealth is said to bless households on the moonless yet luminous Diwali night. Right from the twin-idol set of Ganpati and Lakshmi (the brother sister duo who are together worshipped on Diwali), the multitude of lamps, including a pretty floating one, to the paraphernalia needed for the aarti, there isn’t one constituent missed out upon. The surprises never cease – instead, they multiply when the pack, alike a Pandora’s Box, brings up a decorative rangoli, two sets of agarbattis and hold your breath – packaged Ganga Jal. Where and when, if at all, can all those living away from home, manage to put together such an assortment? Cycle Pure just answered that question.

Just when you are super pleased about this one-stop-solution of a pack, you get cold feet about when and how to use what – the pugi phala or the soubhagya alankaara, for instance. Though all the elements are neatly numbered, Cycle Pure has a finer solution to cater to these fears. The pack provides an instructional booklet in several languages coupled with an audio CD with Sanskrit shlokas. During the pooja, the track can be chosen to be a companion to your recitation or, akin a family member reciting the katha, play undisturbed. Needless to say, the sense of the divine that emanates post a successfully completed pooja, is beautiful. And with the Diwali lamps lighting up the night-sky, it is almost unparalleled.

Priced at 700 INR and available cheaper at a festive discount, this Lakshmi Pooja pack can be a terrific gifting idea for most. It will be especially useful for people who may, in vain, rush from pillar to post to collect all the constituents. It will even be wonderful for those of us who deeply miss the presence of someone like Dadi on Diwali.

We celebrated Lakshmi Pooja a couple of days ago – Bengalis have it soon after Durga Pooja. For us, therefore, it’s a double whammy of sorts. No excuse could be feeble enough to seek the blessings of the goddess. This Diwali, the house will glitter more than usual. The air will be rich with the aroma of agarbattis. And then, when the shlokas play, my family of five will fold their hands in prayer.

*You can order a Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack at, with free shipping and a cash-on-delivery option. 


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