This time, that year

Rain in Pune

A misty monsoon in Pune – three years ago

The city is freshly bathed with rain. My windowsill oversees a lawn that is greener, flowers that have blossomed. And yes, there’s moonlight (or is that a nightlamp?) that’s streaking in, filling my room with light.

Today reminds me of three years ago, when my life took a turn that has changed a lot about me. I have become a little less paranoid, a little less worried about everything under the sun. I believe in my dreams better for there is a support system that convinces me of their strength. When the stars come up in the night sky, I think back to the skies from that day in June. The memories are fond…vivid. They make me smile when I am low and reassure me that in spite of everything, stars do fall and wishes do come true.

“How on earth can someone have green-coloured pastry?”

“It isn’t green. It’s jade.” I murmur.

R gives me a look that only he is capable of putting on. Other people marvel at just how much we are capable of eating. Outside, Pune glimmers with a light sunshine – the kind that precedes a rainbow.

As we walk in the twilight, I realize how time has moved on in the city we first fell in love. The world rushed by on tiptoe and continues to every passing moment. But even now, when the breeze catches one of my earrings unaware, R never misses out on telling me how they are huge enough to swing on. We still ask for the extra spicy panipuri and the bhaiya smiles when I urgently ask the second one to be sweet. R giggles and shakes his head, devouring his plateful.

R, you know how I tend to dwell – on everything. I love the way you make my world beautiful. I love the fact that you are my world and I, am yours.

Happy Third Anniversary R.



25 thoughts on “This time, that year

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  2. Happy Anniversary Debo, to you and R! That was such a sweet post! I love all those posts which talk about rains, monsoons…how I crave for them!

  3. Had a monsoon wedding, so we celebrate our annivesary this week as well 🙂 Monsoons give a lovely start to romance, don’t they? (But of course, our romance had already started in Jan by the time of the engagement! 😉 )

    • That’s lovely, Ashwathy! 😀 Monsoons are divine…as long as you don’t need to trudge around in wet shoes.
      A very happy anniversary to you too! 🙂

  4. How sweet. It touched my heart in such a different way and I so feel d same about my life too… Happy anniversary to you and R 🙂 may u have many more….

  5. Gosh! U took me to the wonderful days in Pune..the Monson, cafe, watching the rains falling on my window sill..toc toc toc..rattle on my window..sipping coffee and watching rains and what not?! Paani Puri, pastries @Mongini, coffee at Barista and Savera in the rains..samay badal gaye par hum nahin badle:) I promised to be back in d city and it may take me more time but I wanna get my life back..I’m ill and it’s taking a toll on me for not being there..I just wanna ma life back:(

    • Rains are magical, aren’t they? And yet they can be so cruel when they please.
      You have such fond memories of the city. Here’s wishing you all the best with the way ahead. I hope you get to return and re-experience the charm that Pune never loses out on. 🙂

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