Here and There in Summer

Pashan Lake, Pune

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It has been almost eight weeks that I have been in Delhi. Which brings me almost to the end of the summer I am getting to spend at home. Yes, being in Delhi to experience its glorious winter sunshine would have been spectacular. But, the luxuries that come with being at home almost make up for the rising mercury. 

I get to crash on my bed early every night. I don’t need to tune out the err, varied kind of noises that emanate from my room at all odd times of the day in Pune. I have to wake up only to the alarm and not to the cacophony of a particularly (un)musical peacock who croons outside my window at dawn, interfering with all my dreams.

I get to spend some time with Mom and take her to the cinema on weekends. I get to smile as Dada settles on the couch, eagerly watching an episode of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan that I got for him courtesy this. I get to cheer for Rahul Dravid in the Pepsi IPL even as Dad keeps his fingers crossed for Mumbai. And the best of all, my weekends are about an unceasing series of delicious food that Granny cooks for her oh-so-underweight child.

I wonder how Pune and her quiet, honeysuckled lanes are doing this summer. Coffee Shop and Stop are probably packed to capacity every evening, with patrons guzzling away to beat the heat. Families are probably spending Sunday afternoons soaking in Sinhgad’s water park, creating ripples in Khadakvasla or watching birds in Pashan Lake. The moon, I am sure, floods the city silver each night though its beauty is lost on people measuring days by access cards and attendance machines.

Next month, I will go back to Pune. Away from the crowd on the Delhi Metro, the sweat and the grime, the raging winds. Sadly, that will also imply being away from the haunt of my childhood. The one place in the world where no one can take away the quiet of the afternoon. Where days go by in unending bliss, caught in a time warp where I still sport two pigtails and a giant set of spectacles.

In June, Pune will be resplendent with her summer glory. She will speak highly of her quaint walks where you can walk aimlessly, for once without a destination. She will also endorse R and one magical moment after another: watching a hailstorm from our office balcony, arguing late into the night over web-browsers, explaining to each other at the airport how months fly. And then, when I see him there, we will smile about how the months indeed have flown.

Really, despite the sinking feeling that nostalgia sometimes brings along, life is too beautiful to wile away complaining. So much for blazing summers! I can almost see the sky glitter with gold, silver and purple clouds.

And I smell rain.


16 thoughts on “Here and There in Summer

  1. Loved reading this post. The feeling of bittersweet nostalgia comes out beautifully. 🙂

    Errr.. I would prefer to be woken up by the calls of a peacock any day over the cries of an alarm clock! 😀

    I love the quaintness of Pune when I paid her a short visit there a couple of years ago. I loved the charm of Delhi too. Both cities are places I would love to explore endlessly. Someday…

    • Hey, delighted you enjoyed the post! 😀
      Ha ha, yes, at face value it does seem that the peacock would be so much better. But trust me, when you have had your fill of his cacophonous voice which rings in another long day, the jingling bells of my alarm toll sweet!

      Quaint is right. Pune is quaintness. Lots of it. Delhi does have a very vibrant persona – without doubt. But over the years, I have become so much of a Pune person that I fall more in love with her each day…

  2. such an enjoyable post and the food flavor in Pune soo true. was telling mom dis mnin that Pune no longer the same ole’ peaceful with builders all over the place. However, despite all the ranting we loove Pune with its simplicity and retained charm that can never go out of the window, Debo:)

  3. I soaked in the relaxed room of your thoughts, and in the eager anticipation too, of your onward journey 🙂 I love the way you take us out, and into the streets of your childhood, your world 🙂

    • Usha Di, you always understand the crux of what I am saying/emoting here on P&P. That calls for major intuitiveness! 🙂 Delighted you enjoyed the post.

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