An Early Spring


Spring is nowhere in sight. Delhi is reeling under raging summer winds, with mangoes and watermelons trying their best to ease the heat. But the good God up above has brought in a whiff of spring early for me this season. Here’s how.

So Spring Tide, an Indian youth magazine, collaborated with Parlance Publishers to host a short story writing competition called ‘Kaleidoscope’. Being fresh to the industry themselves, they invited entries from aspiring writers of all age groups and geographies. And now it seems, yours truly has actually made it to the top 5 of the final 25 entries. Unbelievable? Yeah! 😀

The final set will be published in a book that releases on the 26th of May, in a book launch event at Jaipur. Among the stories will feature the tale of old man Harilal whose house has lately started behaving in mysterious ways. To read about the workings of “The House”, you can even pre-order a copy from here. Yes, so P&P reserves the right to endorse its dear own D.

Needless to say, I am pleased as punch. Though this is merely a teeny-weeny peg up the ladder, it gives me the confidence that the day I dream of will one day be here. I would like to thank the sponsors of the event for facilitating such a platform and wish them luck in their future endeavours. On your part, dear readers of P&P, how about showing some love and sending us a few hugs and high-fives? 😀



24 thoughts on “An Early Spring

    • Oh yes, the samosas and the coffee. And the hot chocolate. Sheesh, life is beautiful when you have good food to eat. 😀
      I feel the same Vishal. Can totally relate to that.

  1. And now it seems, yours truly has actually made it to the top 5 of the final 25 entries. Unbelievable?
    Of course not! Well-deserved and very very believable!
    Congrats! 😀

    • Nimue! How have you been? 😀 Haha, you know how my Pune-Delhi trips function. But this time I am definitely going to try my level best to meet you. It has been long pending!
      What’s the news? I will write to you soon.

  2. Deboshree, you must be on cloud 9 and elated. So happy for you:) I saw ur blog pic on top Good L..recognized it by the red door..thinking yeh toh Jaani Pehchani..dint took long to recognize Good Luck cafe at Deccan::) Soo happy to see the pic::)

    • Vishal, absolutely! 😀 It means a lot to me. Ha ha… Good Luck Cafe and its breakfast rolls, its chicken curry and its jelly with cream! You make me nostalgic. 😀
      Thanks a ton for the support you extend to P&P and me! 🙂

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