When Three Ain’t a Crowd

“Three is old!” claimed P&P this morning. He looked all worked-up, his brow laced with sweat.

Apparently it seems, P&P is under the impression that he is now getting old. All very well to celebrate first birthdays and second ones, for that matter, but when you are three, life ceases being romantic. You are then burdened with expectations to perform – did you get hits for your latest post? How has your subscriber base been faring? Are visitors looking for relevant keywords? Blah and more blah. Whatever then happens to all the fresh-to-the-world glitz and benefit of doubt is a story that is conveniently hidden under the bed-sheets.

So, anyway, I have managed to convince P&P that three is not all that bad a number.

I mean, going by his logic, I should already be extinct. Since I manage to wake up to the dust and grime of life every day, I gather that phase hasn’t yet arrived. In fact, the two of us manage to delight over a plate of bhindi and aloo. Mom would gasp if she knew how I have taken to the bhindi I would once loathe. But you see, we all get birthdays.

Looking back, I think, P&P has had quite an interesting last year. He moved to Pune again, settling down into his native place snugly. Though I have not been able to give him time proportionate to the mind-space I have for him, I know he understands. He blames deadlines, schedules and the mean ‘corporate’ life for all that and appreciates how I am still the sweet girl who christened him thus on a hungry afternoon.

 I turn to him whenever life brings up a highlight. Whenever there is a rainbow in the sky, an owl by the window or for that matter, a damp squib on the floor. Though only three, he is capable of being my agony aunt as well as my connoisseur of art. Though he beams when a visitor comes by and leaves good-things-to-say behind, he knows that if none else, I will always be by his side.

We got late for the party tonight. But the birthday flavor has by no means diminished. We plan to invest in a brand new costume for P&P, several tales to light up the days to come and a promise of many more fun-filled birthdays in store. Do drop by to say hello. We would love to have you.

Happy Third Birthday, ‘Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune’! 


32 thoughts on “When Three Ain’t a Crowd

  1. Just your header made me follow you 🙂 and when I read this post I was no more doubtful about the decision 🙂 you write so differently, n will be seeing you more often.

  2. Happy Birthday P&P. The post sounds too good to be true as to how we yearn for maximum views on blog. I promise to be more regular Debo. Happy V Day:)

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