Packed Weekends in Pune

 Indo German Mela

Pune is brimming with activities this January. As I sat and mulled over all that weekends could be used for, I counted a number of very interesting options.

For instance, you could sample some quality cinema at the Pune International Film Festival. It would be a welcome break from the several, not-so-inspiring films up for consumption at the city’s multiplexes.

Or, if you are in the mood for diplomacy, you can go check out the Indo-German mela at the Deccan grounds. On till the 20th of this month, it offers an interesting journey through urbanization over the ages. Note: Gorging on some traditional Indo-German food at the Beergarden is a wonderful way to appreciate the journey! And then, there’s also the Times Pune Festival which is certainly among the biggest in the city, with food, music and theatre rolled into one.

It helps when the first month of the year is all animated and chirpy. This is the time when New Year resolutions are still hale and hearty and the heart is brimming with good intentions for every soul it comes across. The first quarter’s results are still far away and economic indicators are but figures. In such times, appreciation for the fine arts come easier than it does on a cranky mid-year month when festivities are nowhere in sight. Anyhow, hush. It makes no sense to foresee bleak times ahead when Pune is going all out keeping this winter as warm as possible.

Where to, then? Well, after much deliberation and thought, we ended up flying kites at a friend’s place, with those wonderful events postponed to the next weekend. Home-made delicious food, newly-wedded hospitality from the couple and a taste of Pune’s scorching January sunshine. Quite a happy Sankranti, I’d say. 


20 thoughts on “Packed Weekends in Pune

  1. hey Deboshree I totally miss the awesome winter in Pune and the Makar Sankranti celebration. Gosh! I am commenting after ages. take care.

  2. One of my best friend would have loved these events , if he was in pune !
    Anyway .. you have fun dear 🙂
    And may we get to know of few good films on this blog soon …

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