Going Hic** in a Drunk World

*Disclaimer: The bitterness of the post below is directed to a section of drinkers who think they are cooler than thou courtesy their expertise and experience in the drinking department. Though it may seem like a non drinker casting aspersions on drinkers in general, the intention is not to offend anyone’s personal habits. Still, any offence may please be forgiven.*

Beer Mug

*picture from http://www.clker.com

What’s a little swig of beer? Or vodka, if you please? It’s just a bitter concoction with chemical powers hidden in the recesses. These powers are best put to use when you need to unwind, to forget misery or merely, to be the coolest in your group of cool people.

So, do only cool people drink?

What about the man who lives in the shambles near the building under construction, swigging away to glory every time the Pune sun sets on a pleasant evening? Oh, he drinks a local brand. Probably procured for peanuts at the local store – equally shady. The cool people get high quality stuff, available at light-and-music lounges, in interesting glasses. You need to dress up to go to these places or the bouncers will bounce you away. Ha! Such fun to act up all important and beautiful to impress the brawny men outside these rock and metal places. The grannies just don’t get it. What, after all, is a celebration without booze? The feeling of alcohol gushing about in your insides can give anything a run for its money. Just about anything that is, for speeding down Pune’s lanes at breakneck speeds and shouting along with hipshaking music come close in the cool race.

Of course I don’t mean to be sarcastic. What made you think so? Alcohol is very important. Apparently it brings a glow on the face and helps you “chill”. I have even heard people talk about how their Daddies used to give them teeny-weeny swings to stay warm. A-ha! And my Daddy believed in the goodness of Dabur Laal Tel, groundnuts and hot ghar ka khaana. Such a shame.

I don’t mind drinkers. They come in multiple types and can be quite entertaining when they are not puking. There are social drinkers, for example. These noble souls advocate the importance of sharing a glass with your boss or your powerful colleague. “Things don’t get done otherwise.” they say out aloud. Behind my back, they shake their heads. Wiling away her life poor thing, they murmur. The pity they all share for the losses my life has been totalling up to is so immense that I am awed. All for my lack of the drinking spirit. Let alone the mature, de-stressing drinker, I can’t even come to terms with the social butterflies. I will forever remain the caterpillar. With spectacles around my eyes and water in a casket.

Really, sometimes I get too judgmental. All’s well in the world for me as long as the grass is green and the sky is blue. But, like the big people who come for uptown talk shows, let me get Global Warming and Climate Change to shoulder some of the blame.

So much for the dear drinkers. I think I will go get myself some nice and cool, sparkling water. I might need some to dust off the unconditional apathy my glasses have collected for the alcohol-lovers of Pune.


29 thoughts on “Going Hic** in a Drunk World

  1. I drink like 4 times a year.
    And never outside home. I prefer sharing a drink with my best friends at our home on special occasion or if I just want to for no reason.

    what I love about my friends is that they never ask me to join the other times they drink and I sit with cold coffee 😀

    enjoy if you like , don’t judge if you don’t.
    thats what my drinking guru ( yes i was initiated into drinks with a good gyaan ) taught me.
    And never to drink with some one you do not trust.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Nimue. It is after all a matter of choice and no one can be nitpicked for drinking/not drinking.
      As long as some of the good gyan you got spreads to the masses, I think we should be alright. 😀

  2. I have never seen anyone drinks too much, thank God for that, but I can imagine how troublesome to have one near me.

    My religion prohibites me from drinking so I am very fine never to know how alcohol taste like

    • I know of relationships that have broken on this account and families that have been spoilt. If you let a thing – anything – be more important to you than people in your life, I don’t see any way of justifying the same.

  3. I have asked a few friends who drink, ‘why they drink?’. Most of them said, it all started with the idea that the cool ones drink, ‘lets try it too’ but later you begin to enjoy it. I must confess I have tasted it but it was too bitter for my taste 🙂

    Drinking or not drinking is a personal choice. What say?

    • Yes. This has happened to me too. I have friends who admit to running the cool race and finding that alcohol helps them win. I second your last statement. As long as its personal and doesn’t hamper anyone else’s life, things should actually be ‘cool’. 🙂

  4. Why can’t people live and let live? Sheesh!

    “You drink? Fine. Enjoy your drink, just don’t get in my way.”
    “You DON’T drink? That’s fine too. Let the ones who do drink enjoy the way they want. Don’t get moralistic or preachy.”

    Unfortunately that thin line doesn’t work so well in the real world. You are judged either which way. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. 😐

    • True, Ashwathy. Irrespective of any lessons on live-and-let-live, we are prone to being judgmental. But what’s worse, even if you do not intend to judge someone for their habits, their behaviour might just end up making you do exactly that. How cool is puking all over the place, losing control over what you do and say, missing critical meetings for you are hungover? I may be biased but I don’t think it is cool at all. What might be cool is being responsible. if you want to drink, have a life and let others have one too.

  5. I have seen both sides. Meaning I have lost 2 uncles who enjoyed their drink and I have seen people who do not drink.
    And Its my conclusion that no drinking is always better. One does not become cool by drinking. and there are a no of ways to be cool.
    And a person has to be rally mature to know how much he/she can hold. I am sorry if I am bitter but losing an uncle who loved his drink and who left kids behind to fend for themselves , has made me bitter indeed

    • I can relate with this Bhagya. This is one of the reasons I find keeping off a potentially fatal, habit-forming substance the best policy. Anyhow, like you said, being cool is not about being an expert drinker. Anyone can drink. If you do, it is your choice. Just as not drinking is a non drinker’s choice.

  6. Though I don’t drink, many of my friends do. My personal experience tells me that everything in moderation is ok. As long as one understand the limits, there is no harm.

  7. I too don’t get why drinking is cool! It tastes yuck! Why do people drink it? I understand its fine in Alaska or Canada they drink as alcohol provides body warmth. But it just burns down the throat and has lot of health risks tagged along.

    • Hello Aparna…welcome to P&P.
      Well, I am sure that there is strong reason associating alcohol with celebration, taste notwithstanding. Like someone said, in moderation and in keeping with sensibilities of people around you, drinking wouldn’t be the menace it has the potential of being.
      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  8. ohhhhhhhhhhh I better watch out then .. Well I drink and had you met me last saturday you would have denied knowing me EVER.. I was drunk too.. 🙂

    I know its harmful and all that but anyway I cant give any reasoning why i drink , although I am sure I have never created a chaos or anything ..

    I dont understand the COOL or what not , I dont drink to be cool .. I KNOW I AM COOL ha ha ha ok ok ok — no i am not still hungover .. that was saturday lot of days have gone by ..

    I shall have to remember not to drink in front of you 🙂

    • As long as your drinking doesn’t affect anyone else, what is the trouble? 😀 No trouble at all. Please don’t let that thought strike your mind when you come to Pune for Paneer and Pulao. 🙂
      I realize that this post, meant to be a rant directed at the kind of people I have come across this last couple of months, is rather bitter. Trust me the bitterness is only for the pretentious crowd, which you certainly are not a part of. 😉

  9. I am treading dangerous waters as I put this comment, because the post itself, as well as the comments seem to be all about how “awful” drinking is, or how it is unhealthy etc.
    I drink, my husband drinks. We drink to celebrate, sometimes just to enjoy, when we go to pubs and dance, when we meet up with friends and chit-chat, or even when we have nice fine dining session with wine to accompany. And we love it.
    Thing is, I was brought up in a super conservative environment myself, and drinking was bad, drinkers were bad. Till , well, I grew up. And realised one could be awesome, and drinking. And also, one could be a tee teetotaller, amazingly sober, with strict beliefs, but an ass of the first order, a bad person. Experience speaking!
    Anyhow, I believe NO ONE gets to judge others on habits, and just as drinkers cant comment on how boring non drinkers are, non drinkers cannot comment about how “non pious” the drinkers are!
    Oh, and about unhealthy, I don’t want to comment and give statistics on how a bag of chips will do you more harm than a mug of beer 😐 Trust me, I know what I am talking about!
    To each his own, and everything in moderation makes sense.

    • DI, I realize I should have had the disclaimer up earlier. The post may sound bitter and it indeed is. But, like I clarified, it is targeted at a group of people who think drinking makes them cool and not drinking makes the rest of the world uncool. Really, while wining and dining may be about celebration and fun for you, for a lot of people it is about being irresponsible and making a mess of theirs as well others’ lives. I do not proclaim that non drinkers are holier than thou or that drinkers are ‘bad’ people. But the percentage of people who drink and who cross the lines of moderation/responsibility is large enough to make me skeptical. It is because of this that the health risks become pronounced. Not many people manage to draw the line and keep alcohol safe and sound.

      Apologies for sounding too judgmental. I admit that it could be because of being driven up a wall as regards alcohol these past couple of months. But, the piece doesn’t implicate all drinkers. I repeat, it is only for the wannabe-cool crowd who either a)look at you scornfully for the pitiful, dry life you lead or b)attempt to be all goody-two-shoes and invent lame excuses for drinking when they actually want to get drunk and smell the place up (don’t these people assume non drinkers are a pious lot and an aspirational group they want to belong to but can’t?)

      Everything in moderation. Cheers to that. Peace. 🙂

      • Hey , nothing serious! Just my thoughts!
        Also, I agree to what you say about messing other’s peace, that makes no sense!
        I totally get that some one had to really have been a total a** for you to hate their attitude and vent out!

  10. yes, drinking was offesive for me when i was kid.. grew up with an intention that i would not talk to ppl who drink all that.. but when i entered college it was a style statement.. moment of proudness to tell i have tasted alcohol.. architect meant, a style statements with i can drink during that time..then later when i wanted to get married, i was so particular that my fiancee should not drink.. considering my self back in stage one, the way i was brought up.. luck to found one.. now being a parent, i wish my kid doesnt drink, but cant stop her if she wants too.. 😦

    • “it was a style statement.. moment of proudness to tell i have tasted alcohol” I think that says it all. Even if you consider alcohol to be a style statement, don’t assume non drinkers lack style because they don’t drink – what logic is that anyway? I also don’t think drinking/not is about being conservative/liberal. It boils down to personal preferences. My only issue is with the disdain a lot of “cool drinkers” bestow on the non drinking populace.

  11. The trend is that if you are a “social” drinker,the it is COOL 😛
    And as the world happily and crazily apes all that it find COOL,the big cities and the so-called-high-class-society culture is breeding social drinkers..LOL!!

    • Exactly, Bhavia. You drink because a)you like it or b)it goes with celebration/mood/dinner etc but do not assume that it lends you a coolness which non drinkers lack. The hoopla ho about social drinking irritates me because a lot of these people drink to be perceived as cool and they look down with disdain over the folks who stay away. If you drink, do so by all means. But please ensure you have a life and maintain the importance of the lives of people around you.

  12. Hi Deboshree

    I am a teetotaller and belong to a middle class family where as you said what we drink is warm coffee and apply good oil for warmth !
    Social Drinking does not make any sense to me. We know that stuff is harmful , so whats the whole point gulping the bitterness down ones throat and losing one’s self control just for the heck of it?

    • Hey Jaishvats! 🙂
      See, I do not have a problem with drinkers or drinking. It is the pretentious excuses some people build which irks me. And then, like you said, all that making a scene when you are back and blaming the alcohol – nobody forced you to drink it down, did they? Even a good thing loses its goodness when taken beyond a limit. Alcohol should not be blamed for the consequences as the possible effects of the habit that can form are clear to one and all. Thanks for writing in with your views. 🙂

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