We are Greying, you see…


*picture from technobillies.net

I was discussing with R yesterday just what is making ‘Fifty Shades of Grey click. You know those black books with silver designs on them, which talk of a man who is apparently a sex God and a girlie who swoons at his sight? I even flipped through a couple of pages to see if I could discover The Formula. The thing is, vampires worked because they were ‘different’ – the Indian dracula was dated – and you didn’t see such good-looking menΒ eyeingΒ you say, at the grocery store. But why was this sado-masochist popular? “Intrigue, novelty, danger”, said a friend. Uh huh? Personally I think its due to the mainstreaming of X rated content that you couldn’t be found dead reading otherwise. It’s the liberty to walk around with erotica without people giving you the oh-a-fellow-porn-reader! look.

Anyway, the point is, I am here. With about fifty shades of stress and fifty-one reasons why I ignored darling P&P for more than a month. I wouldn’t bother writing about all of them though, for I know you wonderful people had several things that kept you off P&P. Is the sniffle audible?

Life has been crazy. CRAZY. The mornings have dawned with long and interminable lists and the nights have woven nightmares of unfinished to-dos. I have been the picture of frenzy and tried as I did, I couldn’t keep P&P up with the gazillions of things I wanted to share. Nor could I keep up with the things the blogosphere has been sharing. We are greying, you see…The day isn’t too far when that grey hair will appear and that wrinkle will make itself felt. Sigh!

Anyhow, I plan to devote a sizeable amount of time very soon to Catching Up. With your new recipes, books and movie reviews, critical events in people’s lives, delectable stories and prose and of course, pictures that contain a thousand words. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.

What else is happening? Oh, the electricity went off the other day, right in the middle of the night. It happened as soon as I had plugged the charger into my laptop. And right after I had boasted to a friend about how Pune’s power situation was way better than the capital’s. She called me up the next morning to boast about how the air conditioner had been nice and cool all night long. Friends, I tell you.

But Pune is doing well otherwise. We haven’t tired of rain yet this season. God knows I love my shoes. But he hasn’t exactly been kind in ensuring they dry soon enough to not smell. Air fresheners don’t come all that cheap either.

So, those aren’t quite fifty reasons I know, but P&P is sweet enough to still extend a welcoming hug. For anyone else who is here, we are officially back in action and there is a lotΒ coming up.

Watch this space.


28 thoughts on “We are Greying, you see…

  1. I have heard the name Debo somewhere..can’t place it though..
    I remember reading her posts too,in last birth I guess
    You owe me a long email of answers explaining your disappearance and an apology for causing heart ache for missing you x-(

    • Bhavia sweetheart! How have you been? E-mail on its way and I am sure you will convert the last birth cognizance to this birth. πŸ˜‰
      Missed you and your posts a lot (!) and will be catching up very soon! πŸ˜€

    • I sent you a reply a while back… thanks a lot Rebel for the warm welcome. A month away from P&P and I feel totally lost. So good to know P&P (and me) is remembered. πŸ˜‰

  2. When I saw the email in my inbox with this post I did think ‘Its been some time! Whoa’ and yes, awaiting all the wonderful posts yet to come. And yes, even I thought the whole post is about 50 shades of grey πŸ™‚

    • 50 shades of Grey, I tell you. It is all over Crossword. There is even another title that says – “If you liked that, you will love this.” Whatever.
      Thanks a lot Jaishvats…hope you will enjoy what’s coming up. πŸ™‚

  3. When I saw the name of the book mentioned here, I thought you were reviewing it πŸ˜› Thankfully, it was about your hairs πŸ˜†

    Delectable stories…am waiting for them πŸ˜€

    • Haha I am glad too! πŸ˜›
      Err, I meant delectable stories that have been going around in the blogosphere and ones I need to catch up with but, since you say so, I will try and put up some of mine too. πŸ˜›
      Thanks a lot Visha!

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