Time for us to sing a new song

Saddi Delhi is moving

The streetlights are at work outside. They were recently put to task by authorities we had called and called until they gave in. And now what with their yellow glow against the darkening Delhi sky, it is quite a loaded picture. You know what I mean?

People are rushing home to waiting mothers, wives and children (oh, in no order of priority) and listening to Radio City. Some people have – what do you call them, woofers? – and the music blares. “Ek doosre ko hum sone na de.”* Considering the amount of noise, that, anyhow, is guaranteed.

There are plenty of senior citizens on their evening walk. They meet at crossroads and exchange (verbal) notes about how complex offices now are (and how they used to take the kids to Qutab Minar every weekend). “Bahu comes back at 9. 9!” “And your son?” “Well, he leaves at 9.” Life in Delhi used to be simpler, didn’t it? Now we have oh-so-many cars and oh-so-many cell phones but whatever happened to dinner table conversation?

Back inside, away from the glow and glare of the streetlights, Mom is busy fixing me a glass of nimboo paani. Over the ages, this has been a constant for summer. All that has changed, it seems, is the quality of the nimboos. They used to come better, yellower and riper, recollect people who lived in better, yellower and riper times. Other constants have been fussing about water – and scowling at anyone who leaves the tap running, ice-cream wallahs walking the (almost) deserted afternoon lanes and water hoses in the front garden. On bad days, there invariably is a squabble or two about parking at the gate and getting dogs ‘relieved’ where the prettiest flower blooms.

It will soon be night-time. There will be a patrolling police car alerting miscreants with a shrill horn, a chowkidaar’s whistle competing with chowki’s meow and a neighbour or two returning from their dose of Delhi’s vibrant nightlife. Not that the day-life is any less vibrant, though. And that is if you do not count the endless processions, baraats and langar events that line the street when the sun shines.

Whenever an airplane hides Delhi under clouds or a chugging train leaves it behind, I get a strange feeling. Almost instantly, I yearn for its people, so distinctly marked by Delhi despite their various cultures and traditions. I yearn for her wide streets, her not-so-wide glitzy markets, her constant flurry of activity. The thought of not waking up to a Delhi morning and snuggling up at night in her mysterious, if often starless, arms, gives me a sense of loss.

But, what awaits me on the other side of such a night is a day no less beautiful. It is a day packed with romance of her own, full of little remembrances and much to be experienced. Somewhere there is R, probably smiling as well as smirking (certain liberties of independent existence cannot be retained any longer, you see). Somewhere also is the shop that christened this place – in its former avatar.

It is time, finally – well, on the 3rd of June to be precise – to return to *jingles bell* Pune!

Very soon, “Saddi Delhi” will again be “Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune”, truer to the URL. While we may be changing locations (and names), we promise to keep this space fresh and spicy, if Pune-fied. Do wish us luck (and promise we’ll see you there) !

*We won’t let each other sleep *Picture courtesy: jgkeller.com

58 thoughts on “Time for us to sing a new song

    • Hey Lavender! I am in Pune… it has been a while now. I have so many tales to tell and they are getting stocked in the story box. Promise to put them on paper soon. 🙂

  1. Great time for the move back to Pune, for the monsoon season must be just round the corner there to relieve you from Delhi heat 😀
    Hope things transition smoothly 😀

    • Don’t even mention it. 😦 I was so disappointed and was thinking about it on the flight here… The last few days got so wrapped up. Murphy’s Law? Guess you can say so. Never mind, there’s always a next time. 🙂
      Noida Heat Charts sounds awesome! Nimue, promise me you will keep me updated with Delhi? Please, please?

  2. I love Delhi and I love Pune. I have spent a lot of time in both these cities and love them both for their unique qualities.

    WIshing you the best with the move and the settling. Looking forward to many posts full of Pune fied stories

    • Ditto, Anita. Both cities have their own charm and one that is indisputable. 🙂
      Thanks a lot A. I hope you will enjoy my Pune tales as much as I enjoy telling them. 🙂

  3. Are you moving to Pune for good 🙂 I hope the charm of dilli has rubbed on you in a good way and you continue to entertain us with your adventures in pune ! Cheers. Btw I promised you that Ill suggest you a book, Keep off the grass- Karan Bajaj. Its pretty good.

    Hope you like it.

    • For good? Well, I cannot say yet… but I sure would like it to be that way. 🙂
      Oh the Delhi charm rubbed on me long back and will continue to in the years to come… dear, good, unfading Delhi – there’s none quite like her. But mala Pune is very charming too. 🙂
      Thanks for the book recommendation Dhanesh… I will check it out. 🙂

  4. First of all..I love your new theme 🙂 looks so fresh…I almost thinking of using it too but it is too simple for the like of me 😉

    I hope you’ll enjoy your new place…I have never moved (and not planning to move) out of Jakarta. Is Pune far different from Delhi?

    • Glad you liked it Novroz! 😀 Ha ha… yes. Your dear turtles are bigwigs after all. 😉
      Well, Pune is a lot different. It is quieter, has better weather and for me, has some very fond memories. So while moving from here is a mixed event, I do look forward to Pune. Hope you will enjoy Of P, P & P’s tales. 🙂

    • Yes, hopefully the transition will be smooth. I look forward to Pune. A second time. 🙂
      Will surely do, Ashwathy. Hope you’ll like what will be on the plate. 😀

  5. Just followed you through some blog and loved this place 🙂
    Waiting to read your escapades in Pune 🙂
    Happy Shifting! And good luck 🙂

  6. Oh! Have loads of fun on this new journey of life. My only regret is that only if you have stayed till 10th June we could have meet at the IndiBlogger Meet. But meet we shall some day. Till then more of Paneer, Pulao & Pune !

    • Oh, is there an Indiblogger meet in Delhi? 😦 I missed the one in Pune too (which happened some time recently) We will surely meet up some day… I would love to meet such an eminent chocolate-and-dreamer! 🙂 Thanks a lot, Rituparna.

    • You clever lady! How did you guess? 😀 Thanks a lot, Reema!!
      Oh I am missing SS too. Will soon make my presence felt there. (and no that wasn’t shameless at all. Esp. not when you are dealing with someone who relates to it :P)

  7. I have heard Pune is much calmer than Delhi and the weather is good too?
    Well, best of luck and hopefully I will come to know about Pune now. 🙂

    • The weather is great! Doesn’t get as hot or as cold as Delhi does. But then I often end up missing the Delhi winter!
      Thanks a lot, Amit. Hope you enjoy tales of the paneer and pulao in Pune. 😀

  8. Ah 😀 Re Punefication of the Pulao 😛 It was getting stale in Delhi 😉 Happy Journey.. and do take a different spicier template on return. 😉

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