Dilli-wallahs in Mussoorie

What do ‘Dilli-wallahs’ do in Mussoorie? Well, this doesn’t have a straight answer.

One section of Dilli-wallahs is content with checking into a spruced-up hotel, preferably one that overlooks the Mall Road, and venturing out in finery to window-shop. Even real-shop, if something catches fancy. They travel to Company Bagh and appreciate the blooming flowers; they even go down to Kempty Falls and sit by the water. These people come back to their hotel for a buffet dinner that has three items in vegetarian and two in non vegetarian cuisine. They then go off to sleep, tucked in the hotel’s velvet quilt while the cold wind howls outside.

The honeymooners from Delhi form another interesting sample. They pack into their suitcases scanty clothes and conspicuous jewellery. Some of the females dress up in scarves and sweaters, paired off with a teeny-weeny affair below the waist. They keep the roadside benches houseful and spend many an hour gazing at the lovely Doon lights in the valley below. When it gets dark and the mist comes calling, they invest in a bhutta and a packet of popcorn. For the rest, love is a good enough warmer, you see.

Then there are the school and college kids from South Delhi’s wide and manicured lawns. The girls in perfectly assorted ‘Aisha’ dresses, the boys flashing their newest camera. Or was it a computer? In these matters, I sometimes remain primitive. These groups come with a discipline incharge(s) and these unfortunate souls are the cynosure of all eyes. These days, they bring along their own husbands and wives and kids. Good for them, I think.

Mussoorie also gets Delhi’s bold and bratty. They derive their fun from parking their cars right in front of “No Parking” notices, shouting at the dealers of “Wine and Beer” shops, telling people just how many credit cards they have and in general, making a nuisance of themselves.

What do the not-so-flashy Dilli-wallahs do? Oh, they go up the ropeway to Gun Hill and express genuine enjoyment. They purchase earrings and wall-hangings and haggle to their heart’s (and mouth’s) content. They walk up to Library Bazaar and glare at the rickshaw wallas who demand exorbitant sums. In the time that remains, they observe the people from other categories and engage in animated discussions.

And then of course, there are some Dilli-wallahs who come back home and write it all out. They also post pictures.


44 thoughts on “Dilli-wallahs in Mussoorie

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  2. I like the one who puts up pics so i can tempt some of my freidns to amke a plan soon 😀

    As for me , I love walking .. give me one good fellow to walk with and I will take care of the rest .. random shopping , taking pics , getting clicked myself , eating a simple meal and spending the night looking at stars .. well I do the same at any place !!


    • That’s right, Nimue. Pictures are great when you need to tempt people. 😉
      Awesome list of things-to-do! I think I will spend some of tonight gazing at the stars… quite a pretty night sky it is in Pune. 🙂

  3. Interesting post..informative and im looking forward for a trip..certainly will now!! Got an idea of some dili wallahs:)

  4. I’m back in action 🙂
    by the way good that you wrote about the trip..actually people in Delhi have easier and greater access to a lot of beautiful places.For south indians, we actually have to plan and re-plan to visit mussoorie..
    but one advantage what we south Indians has is the BEACH 😉

    • Welcome, welcome back, Bhavia! I am super pleased to see you. What was the disappearing act all about? *raises eyebrows*
      Yes, we do have closer access to the hills. I wish I could get to go more often. 😦
      You have the beach. We have the Yamuna. Err. 😛

  5. The only thing i envy of dilli wallahs is theri easy accessibily to Himalayas and those hilly towns, but for rest of the India, well first has to land up on Dilli !!! not been to mussoire but on my list, and ya leaving tomorrow for weekend trip , see u next week.

    • Haha… that is there. We in Delhi are comfortably positioned to visit these lovely hill towns when summer gets too bad. Anytime you wan’t to go, just drop me a message. 😉 Have a fun on the weekend trip Sukanya! 😀

  6. I was made to walk up Gun hill, I remember. I liked Mussorie, but it was way too commercial to actually relax! Ooh, and we also had this one evening we spent in the balcony of our room and entire clouds of mist entered the room, lovely! 🙂
    The post was so visual, reminded me of our trip from long ago!

    • That must have been quite a hike! 😛 Yes, it certainly is very commercialized, like most hill stations in the North. Makes me want to go to a smaller place like Dalhousie or Kasauli.
      We didn’t get much mist this time. Probably too early… but the skies were pretty nevertheless. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the piece DI, thank you! 😀

  7. Hi

    I have not been to Mussoorie but your writing took me across time and space to some distant hillstation while my physical being is stuck here in my cubicle at work…Great!!!

  8. Hi

    I have never been there but reading your post took me across time and space to a hill station…I am feeling cold in office right now 🙂

    • Welcome to Saddi Delhi, Jaishvats. 🙂
      I am glad you enjoyed the post… I could do with a bout of ‘cold’ too on this pathetically hot afternoon 😦

  9. Am not sure abt the dilli-wallahs! But this Hyd-wali is for sure feeling J 😛 Hv been yearning for a vacation since long but hv not been able to take one at all 😦

    Loved the light shades! And one rose milk for me pls 😀

    • Awww! I wish you all the best for that impending vacation, Swaram. Go, go, go! 😀
      The light shades looked so pretty, S, I can’t tell you… Rose milk? On its way, Ma’am. 🙂

    • 😀 Glad you liked the pictures, Bikram. Have you been to Mussoorie? It is lovely as a weekend getaway. So close to Delhi too.
      I went last week… as a little detour from things. 😀

      • No, WE were on way but stopped at dehradun and never managed ot go furthur .. but will visit

        we were in chandigarh so shimla , kasuali were more local to us thats where we generally went all the time ..

        • Oh, my cousins used to stay in Dehradun and we would go there all the time… But times have changed.
          I had once planned to go to Kasauli, complete with family, but it never happened. It is on my wish-list. Pretty place?

          • hmmm yeah it is pretty.. well next time I am in india , you can make a plan , stop over in chandigarh.

            There is a main way to kasauli but then there is a back way and thats what you should go on to enjoy the scenerey and the drive

          • Sounds good to me. Been a while since I was in Chandigarh. When my Dadi was there, we would go every now and then…
            Oh, wow. I will remember to ask you about it whenever there is a plan. I don’t want to miss out on the more beautiful route. 😀

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