Something Fishy in the Feet

“Wouldn’t it hurt if they bite my skin?”

“They will just be nibbling, D.”

“But see, it seems like they have sharp teeth.”

“I doubt you can see any from behind your thick glasses.”

A sharp nudge of the arm. An indecisive look.

“They will all be staring at us!”


“What if I want out?”

“I don’t think they will chain us.”

Point. The chamber hadn’t a roof and you didn’t need seatbelts.

“Hold me if I scream. Okay?”

“I will also click a picture.”

We rolled up our jeans and dusted our feet. Then, we put them right into several dozen hungry mouths.

Fish Spa

“They tickle!”

“We are plenty of fodder, it seems.”

Pictures were clicked. Girls giggled, aunties rolled their eyes. The men were intrigued. Pune Central came rushing out to the fishy scene.

We, on our part, had half an hour of tickling pleasure. The doctor fish as they were called, nibbled our feet and feasted on the dead skin they found. Apart from the tickle, they left our feet feeling spring-cleaned.

“We also have whole body fish-spas…” the man at the counter drawled as we fished out cash.

I looked at R. He looked at me.

“Tell us more.”

44 thoughts on “Something Fishy in the Feet

  1. Thanks of all of yours comment….. I was the owner of the spa you have been commenting and the picture you have attached…… Nice souvenir.

  2. Hey, I did it back in Thailand last year .. and it was full of giggles and nudging.. I have a video too but the strange thing was that ( my husband- then my boyfriend) laughed harder than anyone around.. We did it a bigger and rounder tub with 4 persons on each one.. nice experience 🙂 the part I like is- no painting nails in this pedicure jerky – RED and BLUE 😛

    • Oh yes, I missed out on the nudging part. That was a lot of fun, especially because it couldn’t be helped! 😀 So this spa is there all over the world it seems… wonder what the origins are.
      Ha ha yes, no nail painting business in this pedicure. Imagine what would happen if they had fish who could do that as well. 😀

  3. There is a fish spa at a mall near my place and I have been debating whether to go for it or not. Your post has sealed my decision — I’ll go for one soon. Thank you 🙂

    • Great. Do tell me how you liked it Sudha. 🙂
      These spas seem to have mushroomed lately, what with so many coming up at different places. I am yet to see one in Delhi though.

    • Yes Anita, it did tickle. But never so badly that you want out. The tickling was fun. And no, there is no pain whatsoever. Do try this sometime. I am sure you will like it. 🙂

  4. Debs, apologies for not commenting earlier. I have been skimming through your lovely blog once in a while but I didn’t really get time to post. Congratulations for the Indie Blogger newbie award btw, you most certainly deserve it >:D<

  5. So Debs, you do advise this form of pedicure? I have been curious about it for a while now, I wanted to take my mom for it as she needs a pedicure but she is worried that the beauticians in the parlour might over do it and hurt her feet, she is diabetic so she cannot afford to get her feet wounded. This seemed like a safer option….do you advise it then?

    • Kavya, so good to see you here girl! 😀
      Well, the fish pedicure was a total blast in my case. It was very refreshing and completely painless. The fish tickle somewhat but the sensation is pleasant… But you know, it isn’t all that thorough when compared to a parlour pedicure. The fish are moody and your feet may not end up being as clean as in the case of the brushing and scrubbing in a parlour. It is more of an experience, you know.

  6. Oh the no. of you talking abt fish spa in recent times! I, for one, am never getting it done 😉 Just a touch cn tickle me, so this is way too much!:D

  7. Oh ! We completely loved it when we did it in Singapore. Mom kept frowning in tellin us how unhygienic it was & that the fish could be infectious. There was 1 fish which was a little larger than the others & every time it nibbled it felt like a tiny bite. It was a fun experience & the company made it better.

    • Ha ha… that must have been one very hungry fish!
      Even we discussed the hygiene and the limelight, among other factors. But I am glad we opted for in the end… was totally worth it. 😀

  8. ha ha ha Dont tell me you went for that toooo … Noooooooooooooooooooo…

    we have this all over the places now the fish SPA .. its a good experience, WE got it on offer all of us when they started near my office a d50% intoductory discount it was fun 🙂

    I am not sure of the full body though dont want my beautiful physique and lovely body and all that to be on show HA ha ha ha I am very conservative he he he more like dont want people to run out of the shop seeing me

    • But I did! 😛 50% discount sounds great though.

      Ha ha… I know, a full body fish-spa sounds a little intimidating. All those fishes all over you… But come on, that won’t be done on public display like this. 😛 I am sure you can try it out Bikram. 😀

  9. Can you beleive , just today i was telling my team mate I want to try this fish pedicure ! 😀

    Now i sure will !

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