We turn Two

Dear Saddi Delhi,

Quite a traveller’s life you have been leading, bloggie. While your first birthday was celebrated in Pune, here you are in Delhi now, getting ready for the second. And as for the location of the next one, only God’s crystal ball can predict as much. (Of course, I can always send in a helpful recommendation…)

I hope you don’t take too long at the salon. The roads will already be crowded with Valentine’s birds and birdies. You know, people who want to look good for the candlelit dinner. (But then, candle lighting is already the best makeup. Hides blemishes, pimples and crow’s feet like magic!) You bloggie, will also be needing a thorough cleansing session. Delhi’s grime and grit has settled on your skin. I am hoping that some of Pune’s recent radiance will have allayed the damage done by the dead cells of hurt and longing.

You have been a good kid, Saddi Delhi. In March last year, I was very bothered about the high hand I would have to keep on you. But you have been obliging me with plenty of interesting tales. You have even been getting me free books at the doorstep. New subscribers. New tags, new pictures. And a statistics graph that on peacock-vain mornings, looks like a high-rise. I have heard it is a bad practice to indulge in children comparison. That is especially true in your case – you are but an alter of “Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune” and the question of who the dominant personality is doesn’t vex me. I like to believe that the two cities have given you an excellent amalgam of sorts. Like you have some of Delhi’s mischief and temper, a sprinkling of Pune’s exuberance. Moreover, I have newly observed you nurturing dreams of weddings and houses and naughty thing, you have actually been filling R’s ears about it!

Do not sigh; I am not complaining. I appreciate that things take time and rushing them is not always a possibility. Just like I am willing to wait for a housewarming ceremony, you also need to wait for a theme change. Depending on the next bend in the road, we will together be moving to new quarters. You have many more heights to achieve, many more stories to tell. I can see your bag of thoughts filled up to the brim. On your second birthday, I pray that you go from strength to strength. May your readership expand; may you glow like a thousand lights on a Christmas tree. By the by, I look forward to all the surprises you have told me are planned.

Do not forget to make it to the venue straight from the salon. On your behalf, I am sending everyone invites. I hope they join us for the cake cutting and shower you with blessings (and subscriptions). Then, like the good host, make sure to thank them all for the love and appreciation they have extended to this humble dwelling on WordPress.

Love, Deboshree

Happy Second Birthday

Source: drinknectar.com

♥ Happy birthday Saddi Delhi / Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune! 😀 ♥


36 thoughts on “We turn Two

  1. You really have an interesting way in saying something Debo…I never read a birthday post like this before.

    Happy 2nd birthday Saddie Delhi…and keep on writing interesting posts 🙂

  2. Belated though, wish you a happity happy b’day Saddi Delhi :). Heres looking forward to reading more and more interesting tell-tales from you and your hostess 🙂

  3. Happy second birthday, Saddi Delhi, and it’s awesome writer 🙂
    It always has been a pleasure to read from you Debo, however infrequent I am… 🙂 And the measured pace, not hurrying up the enjoyment, the attention to detail… 🙂
    As you put it, Saddi Delhi, you’ve been a good kid 🙂

    • Usha di, you may be infrequent but you bring a smile to my face every time you write to me. I am delighted you like reading what I churn out…and the way you say it, I am beaming. 🙂
      Thanks a lot for the best wishes. Do not hesitate to discipline the kid if you find him misbehaving. 🙂

  4. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!
    Happy Birthday Saddi Delhi 😀
    Any mysterious reasons behind starting the blog on Feb 14th? 😛

    Wish you all the best..Let your blog gets hit a million times before celebrating your next bday..If it happens, you owe me a treat 😉

    • Bhavia, thanks a lot darling! 🙂
      Ha ha… no mysterious reason other than the fact that I had a day off. 😛
      That is such a sweet birthday wish…I sure owe you a treat simply for the way you always have a nice thing to say. Thank you. 🙂

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