Pune. I love.

Flowers on Chaturshringhi Hill

A trip to Pune is a lesson in contradictions. I look forward to it for weeks at end but often spend evenings torn between emotions. Airports and cabs and auto rickshaws give me a strange, alien feeling – you are not really living here. You are just a tourist, the automobiles seem to say. I cannot pick one favourite restaurant to go and dine in and spend a lot of dinner trying to stretch the hours. This time was no different. I am back from Pune after a week and can only manage to bullet-point my thoughts. Just about. So here goes.

* Chaturshringhi Temple is overflowing with pretty white flowers. They are common ones otherwise but when atop a tree, bundled together in heaps, make an awe-inspiring *picture.

* Agneepath is quite a headache-inducer. Ah I am not being derogatory – I am sure it can be entertaining if you are keen on that sort of thing. All it gave me was a horrible nightmare featuring a bald and eyebrow-waxed Sanjay Dutt. (No gyan on action-is-not-your-thing please. I had gone to see a fairly harmless Gali Gali Me Chor Hai)

* Good Luck Cafe hasn’t had luck with icecreams yet. We would always order the jelly with ice cream only to be told that the jelly had run out. This time the ice-cream had run out as well.

* Coffee Shop is expanding its branches. There is a new one near my former flat for instance. When I asked them if they have anything to eat, they said evenings are only for coffee. A lot can happen over a cup they added. Let the stomachs growl.

* An old colleague gets married today. I heard he had tried to put on weight, albeit unsuccessfully. So he will now return to Pune a married man. How cool is that!

* Election campaigning is on in full swing. Auto rickshaws play patriotic songs and billboards are painted afresh. Quite a festival it is.

* Sharvaree serves awesome food. They have Maharashtrian cuisine on the ground floor (called Shabree) and multi-cuisine upstairs. There is delicious stuff like potatoes stuffed with paneer, dal that has the perfect tadka, spicy red chutney and soft, buttery naans. Must try!

* Crossword is now equipped with toys that go grrr! when pressed. A crocodile croaks, a bird coos. There are also two cars priced at 30k which are good enough to ride. To say nothing of the CD collections they have. I acquired a copy of Malgudi Days. Can’t wait to re-see.

I am going back on the 19th but that’s only for two days. I am longing for the day to come soon when all this coming and going will be reduced to holidays and functions back in Delhi and Pune will not look at me like an occasional visitor. R says the time will come soon. I trust him.


38 thoughts on “Pune. I love.

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  3. hi debo,

    Beautiful post. We are also trying to promote Pune and its rich culture and heritage. Request you to visit our site and help us to spread the word.

  4. Pune? Hmmmm… 🙂 Have been thre very very briefly, and had not spent much time, but what I loved was going for a midnight ride, and seeing, at 2 am, a young lady on a motorbike, heading, perhaps home? Of driving through the Cantonment Area, spending a rollicking time at CCD there, with so many many people for company. Of endless laughter there.
    Of tearing down the Pune Bombay Expressway, with the first born egging me on, to touch 130 on the speedometer. That was a high. 😀

    Loved the way you described it, and made it come alive!

    • Oh yes, the young ladies on motorbikes make a fun picture, what with the layers of clothing on their faces. We should learn a lesson or two about skin care from them. Even hair care. 🙂
      The highway is super! Oh my, you touched 130 driving down it? Must have indeed been a high! 😀

      I loved this comment of yours Usha Di. Gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Thanks you.

  5. Nostalgia always kicks in when you visit a city where you lived, but it does feel different and alien doesn’t it? Like when I was told Kamat on JM road didn’t exist after hopping up and down looking out for it!

    • Exactly Richa! It feels very alien and I do not like that feeling one bit. Yes, I know what you mean…how weird it is to come to terms with the non existence of streets and shops you were so used to!

  6. Duniya kisi ke pyaar mein … Zannat se kam nahin…

    Pune, for that matter , is a lovely place if without MMTP (short for Marathi majhe mi tuze tu ,,, roughly translated I will care for myself you better mind yourself ……etc.

    • What a lovely thing to say Prafull. I totally agree. 🙂
      Ha ha… yes, but then mentalities differ from individual to individual. Like they say, a few spots to a moon. 😀

  7. Going back to Pune again D? What takes you there this time. Every time you talk about Pune it reminds me how the first time you had commented I had thought my cousin had finally made time to come see my blog. You have fun. Hey, when was yours parents ani ? How did it go? What did you gift finally?

    • Rituparna! How have you been? 😀
      Well this time it is another work related trip…sadly, too short. I know. Been such a while since we discovered each other’s blogs…feels so good!.

      The anniversary was fabulous. Both of them were super pleased and super red. I got them gifts from the ideas elicited here 🙂 Photographs, an Italian wallet, a Kashmiri shawl and some random goodies. To say nothing of the terrific hostess I played. 😀

  8. Pune. I love you too. Next time try going to the Camp area for some sandwisches and chocolate milk shake at Marz-o-Rin and some goodies from Kayani Bakery 🙂

    PS: When are you coming to Mumbai?

    • Yes Sudha, I missed the Camp area this time. 😦 Next trip I am planning to cover that part…will try out Marz-o-rin for sure. I remember you telling me about it earlier as well – must be worth a shot!

      I actually have a tentative Mumbai trip planned sometime in the first week of March. If that happens, I am meeting you. Find me some time. 🙂

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