Jal Board joins “Water the Roads”, campaigners pleased

Water the Roads

Jal Board joins “Water the Roads” campaign – currently active in the streets and houses of Delhi

NEW DELHI: Delhi Jal Board is the latest addition to the popular *“Water the Roads””campaign taken up by people and agencies alike in the capital. The tanker-people, owing to their Jal Board label, stand a good chance of coming out tops in this pseudo irrigation scheme.

“Water the Roads” has a lineage that dates back to several years ago. Though the origins are unclear, houses in Delhi’s posh localities are generally touted to have started it. These houses are housed with forgetful people who keep their water pumps and pipes in perennial switch on mode and water generously trickles down from their rain water pipes. The campaign has now been taken by several individuals and institutions (over-enthusiastic gardeners, mineral water disposers, construction sites), the Jal Board adding a substantial pillar to the count.

It is said that the mission of the campaign is cleanliness – next only to godliness. The Delhi roads, claim experts, are prone to dust and grime and it is a Delhi-ite’s duty to ensure that streets get their watery due. The campaign is also said to contribute to the end of achieving stark disparities in water distribution. Residents of campaign-covered areas claim that a house down the lane finds enough water to bathe their two dogs thrice a day while another has to make do with soap and mud for a morning bath. Authorities say that the picture is likely to become more entertaining when summer arrives.

“Water the Roads is picking up well. As a bonus, we are also working on ‘Renaming the Roads’. Anybody with an interesting enough relative can apply for a marg.” said a campaigner, on the condition of anonymity. “I don’t understand why some people complain about leaking taps in the tankers. It is a matter of great pride to see them(Jal Board)  joining hands with us.” said his fellow-mate.

While opinions may vary on the relevance of this unique mission, it is very likely that taps – both leaking and dried – will continue to contribute to its cause.

* campaign not truly in existence. Thank God.


14 thoughts on “Jal Board joins “Water the Roads”, campaigners pleased

  1. A well written satire.
    I hope the MCD notices. All their water tankers spill copious amounts of water as they move on the road.
    On hindsight I think they should continue this program. Especially during summers.

    • Ha ha… yes, during summers there is nothing that cools more than water. I remember they use these water-fans in Dilli Haat and the kind of coolness is unparalleled.
      But on a serious note, the water situation is terrible and we could really do without wastage.
      Glad you liked the piece!

    • Oops look like the sarcasm got too shrouded 😀 Yes Bikram, I was being sarcastic – it maddens me to see water being wasted since we get heaps of water trouble where I live. But such sights (like the one above) are so common here that it seems no one minds.

      • phewww thank god .. i was thinking what to comment … did not want ot upset you saying how water is wasted …

        people are dying without water , in rajasthan they have to walk miles to get water and people in cities and all just dont seem to bother sometimes …

        • Ha ha… very thoughtful of you that was Bikram. 😀
          Perhaps I sounded too smug – I am so frustrated with the water situation that all I can now retort with is sarcasm. Why only Rajasthan, the scene is hardly better in the heart of the capital city of the country.

  2. I see it as a waste of precious water when there are clearly so many areas where scarcity of water causes a major roadblock to very survival let alone industrial development.
    😆 @ “Anybody with an interesting enough relative can apply for a marg.”

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