How some Delhi-ites I know celebrated a rainy New Year…

Age Group: Upto 5

* We were dragged to Manali for a snowfall vacation. We shivered all the way there little knowing that we’d be packed into a pahaadi quilt while the parents went out to romance.

* Sat atop a table in KFC. Asked for a red and white balloon and howled when we split the tomato ketchup all over the tray.

* Slept. With Teddy Bear by the side and gentle little snores every now and then.

Age Group: 6-12

* Watched television. We were very glad that most of our regular shows aired as usual and New Year specials were kept to a minimum. Why Papa even sat glued to Crime Patrol. Now they had a New Year special. What better way can there be to bring in the New Year than watch people brandish knives and guns?

* Read comics. Quietly by the window with a packet of wafers in hand while the rain fell softly…

* Did a lot of *hullah gullah. The cousins were home and they, like everyone else, were monkeys in a previous birth. So we basically lived up to the reputation of our ancestors.

Age Group: Teenagers

* Went out with dance school friends. Did salsa on the streets and samba in the movie theatre that aired Don2.

* Went out shopping. We got a lot of fancy stuff that will look great in showcases and trunks. Well that’s where they are going to be considering they won’t be of use/fancy a few days later.

* Clicked a lot of pictures. Of me in various outfits. I am targeting 110+ tomorrow. FB likes in case you were wondering (dimwit)!

Age Group: 20-35

* Went for lunch with the parents. Had a voucher or so to redeem and felt good to spend some, if rather disturbed, time with Ma and Pa.

* Talked on the phone with a best friend. Crossed a mental finger that prayed for a fulfilling year ahead.

* Partied! Went to a record number of them and made sure we could model in one of those don’t drink and drive advertisements.

Age Group: 36-60

* Spent time listening to good music. It helped convince us that “good music” isn’t an oxymoron like today’s movies make it sound.

* Went out with the spouse to inhale some seasonal festivities. Reminisced about the times that were and talked about the times to come.

* Squabbled. Doesn’t make sense to start a year without exercising that easy-to-ignite temper that we have.

Age Group: Senior Citizens

* Sat on a quilt with another quilt on top. Felt nice and cozy and we kept the rain away.

* Talked with the cats. We also got them special chicken delights for a feast. It made for some great watching as the dearies wiped them off the plate in no time.

* Philosophized. About what the world is coming to. Raindrops and their pitter patter made for a wonderful backdrop to it all.

So, how did you celebrate this rainy New Year? πŸ˜€

*a Hindi word meaning “chaos”

39 thoughts on “How some Delhi-ites I know celebrated a rainy New Year…

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  2. First time on your blog..
    Nice categorization of age groups!
    I attended street party, plenty of music, dance and fun! And 100 + pictures too πŸ™‚

  3. An afternoon spent catching up with friends & an evening spent watching “Key Tumi” – Sharmila Tagore & Shoumitra Chatterjee as the lead actors & ranbindra sangeet by Paramita Bandyopadhyay & Lopamudra Mitra..
    A perfect beginning to A New Year ….
    Wishing U & Your Family A Happy, Delicious & Fulfilling New Year…

  4. I didn’t do any of these πŸ˜›
    Attended a wedding and a road trip made my new year special πŸ™‚

    So what did you do?or should I guess from the lists? πŸ˜‰

  5. a very interesting post!! now I know how Indians celebrate new years through the ages πŸ˜‰

    well, it’s not rainy here…it’s terribly hot in Padang (I am not in Jakarta now)

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