Hyperventilating over Chocolate

Liquid chocolate

“It must be yucky getting all that chocolate on your skin.” my little cousin made a wry face. “Like I can’t even stand those birthday cake scenes!”

Me neither. Cakes are so delightfully made, so prettily layered in colours like pink and brown that it should be an official sin wasting them thus. Now of course, perspectives are hardly like that. With the advent of La Tomatina for instance, people do not think twice before squashing a tomato. I even heard talk in the local market about tie-ups between colours and vegetable sellers next Holi season. But before I digress further, I should let you know about the chocolate that was being talked about.

“Oh that TV commercial di.” the cousin added nonchalantly. “* condoms.”

Holy cow. Did I or did I hear that? Now please do not think I am anachronistic, but my middle-school going cousin – plaited and blazer-wearing – discussing a condom ad with me? The world was surely coming of age.

She went about to describe how this ‘chick’ is cooking some hot chocolate in the kitchen and her boyfriend comes and applies some of it on her bare back. They then make some ambiguous statement about ‘surprising’ each other. I am hoping my cousin saw an edited version for she did not go on with a description… or did she merely shy away from it? I remember her groaning in disgust when people lip locked onscreen. I wonder if that has changed.

When I was younger, screen lovers kissed behind bushes and flowers. They ran around trees and sang songs on hilltops. Some movie critics these days write off any movie which involves similar sequences. But they go all out in favour of one that throws the sex in your face.Β “The sex scenes were aesthetically shot…”Β they write, “…and they gave to the plot A, B and C”. Oh yes. They titillated the ‘mature’ audiences, embarrassed a girl out on her first date, roused a high-school grader from air-conditioned-hall-in-summer-slumber and well, made some write about them on their blogs.

The chocolate emotion has been transcending new boundaries. Soap stars keep falling in each other’s arms and come close enough (albeit very slowly) for the cameramen to shoot a satisfactory close-up of their lips. But they do not kiss. That is a rule TV has held on to so far. I am waiting for some telly show to come up with an innovative USP, say on the lines of Mallika’s seventeen (?) kisses in Khwahish.

If I could, I would protect my younger clan from sights and sounds of lusty security people at the airport, bikini babes rushing after men on the beach and girlfriends and wives working at hot chocolate. I wish I could get assistance for the protection and it needs to be more mature than ‘parental locks’.

Personally, I like my films and any other AV/print media to be more sensitive and sensible than a heat period quickie. You know, stories that talk of other things that people do. The ones that celebrate the human spirit you know?

“When do you turn 30 di?” my cousin grinned, going through this.

Oh never mind.


33 thoughts on “Hyperventilating over Chocolate

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  2. Ha…. Deboshree…. No one kisses behind bushes and flowers these days. They’ll probably use the bush as a cushion. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ And kids…..Don’t even talk about them….When I look back at my middle school days I go red with embarrassment…. I mean, these kids make you feel that you were dimwitted and stupid back then….
    I started reading this post with a blast of saliva in my mouth…Obviously my outlook changed by the time I came to the end πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    • Ha ha…come to think of it, a cushion is quite a wonderful idea. πŸ˜€
      Ditto Chhavi. Kids today make me feel I was such a dimwit back in school. The youngest of the young are on FB and I do not why but the whole thing is a pet peeve of mine.

      Ooh…I am sorry I deprived you of the edible chocolate delight. Maybe another post…Masterchef inspired…will compensate. πŸ˜‰

  3. am glad i am not the only one who gets uncomfortable at such ads even if am watching it alone ! Can we just keep things simple and logical ? I remmeber a time when there was a time or certain channels that would show such Ads. Noe the ads have taken the way of movies – not even bollywood ones in some cases !!

    Phew !

    I have almost stopped watching tv but i wonder often , how am i going to protect my kids ??

    • Yep, I too remember a time when parents would be strict about particular channels and there were some channels that had varied programming slots. Like all remotely adult content would be aired after 11 PM.
      I wonder about that as well Lady N and it gives me a headache. 😦

  4. I had similar experience with my young cousin, and it was difficult for me to justify any any thing, it’s really embarrassing that tv is also entering in showing this kinda stories,ads etc

  5. ow my God we the same mind. Thankfully Indonesian TV still prohibit a real kiss to appear in public, even the western movies are edited so that children couldn’t see the mature scene. But, cableTV has no sensorship to such scenes 😦

    as for, although I am over 30, I still have reluctance to see movies and tvseries with lots of unnecessary sex scene. About 2 month ago, I reviewed The Game of Throne. I was surprised of how open the series were…too much sex too much nudity for a tvseries. I don’t mind watching sex scenes when it is needed for the story…but that series often freely shows sex that has no meaning to the story. I miss the old days tvseries

    • Cable TV has really become too ‘bold’ for my liking. It is ironical that cable TV be an issue considering it has the major chunk of viewership across all ages.
      Exactly Novroz. Ever so often the titillating scenes are completely unwarranted for, unless you are talking money and TRPs. Sad. Even I miss the good old days of TV. 😦

  6. Hi Deboshree,
    Loved the way you write.
    The TV commercials and the hindi songs and even some twisted logic stories on TV are huge distractions for teenagers. I mean distractions for their otherwise normal creative frame of mind. TV has become potentially hazardous barring a few channels.

    • Hello Sangeeta… welcome to Saddi Delhi. πŸ™‚
      Yep, I totally agree with you. TV is becoming increasingly convoluted. Considering the overwhelming/graphic info it now provides, it seems to me that good old ‘idiot box’ tag was much better.
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

  7. Ah!!

    I got to know what sex,gays and lesbians are only after getting inside the college..

    today my kid nephews/nieces talk about these things so authentically that at times some things what they talk are new to me 😦

    • Bhavia, my sympathies. I am in the same boat as you and often find myself at a loss in ‘young’ conversations. And then they say they should have sex education in schools. Ah!

  8. watching TV (ads) and movies are hazardous nowadaysl. My 4 year old asks questions which bowl me over. The other day he saw that ‘criminal’ or whatever song of Ra1 and he asked me whether Kareena forgot to wear a dress and so was dancing in a slip. Tell me, how am I going to answer such questions

  9. πŸ™‚ well i am sure such scenes can be shot more asthetically and only if a scene requires it , if you know what i mena.. most of the time a kiss or a hot scene is put up in a movie or somewhere just for the sake of it so people migh come to see the whole movie jsut for that one minute scene.

    I mean I am here in uk and all this is quiet common but it does not look GROSS watching it , again if you know what i mean , I mean sometimes friends have come you dont feel embarassed at some scens caue they ahve been shot nicely ..

    whereas some hindi songs i have seen I cant watch with my cousins who are younger then me ..

    APT points πŸ™‚

    • Exactly my point Bikram. Putting up a scene as a mere filler – a filler that invites audiences per se – is what I am against. It degrades the quality of the entire product.
      Oh do not remind me of Hindi songs. They can hardly be called ‘songs’ now. And to think there was a time when I found Mika’s take on Rakhi Sawant gross.
      …makes me think 2012 isn’t a myth. What say Bikram? πŸ˜€

    • You bet Pixie. These are questions and assumptions that are best err, left to time? Err… I just told her I hate it too when people plaster my face with cake. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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