Saddi Delhi-ite turns a year older :)


The house smells delicious this morning. There are steamy brews competing with the November mist and ribbons of silver jumping around with the cats. The family refuses to believe that their little girl is growing older. And the little girl, on her part, is pleased she will always remain one as far as Mamma, Papa and Nana Nani are concerned. Even R, for that matter, does a good job of babysitting her when she’s feeling particularly irritable.

Though there’s a lot on the platter now, I think today, we should let her steal some moments for herself (read sport that new dress, some lip gloss and those made-to-kill earrings that she’s recently acquired). Add to it some moments with the people who matter and a whopping meal or two.

After all, today is her happy birthday. 😀 😀


59 thoughts on “Saddi Delhi-ite turns a year older :)

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  2. Errr… belated Happy Birthday Deboshree! I wish I had read this post earlier. 😦 Mine falls on the 20th. This is uncanny :O I guess we were twins in one of our previous lives. 😛 Anyway… I hope you had a great day.

    • Chhavi… I demand an explanation for the so-late wishes. *stern faced-ly*
      The 20th of November – seriously? Wow, that reaffirms my belief in your theory as well! Hope you had a great birthday!

  3. Many many happyu returns of the day .. I am sorry i am late but i have a genuine excuse I was not here .. I was away

    so what did you do , how was the day come on more gossip…

  4. Oh WOW!…of course one can’t say no to that made-to-kill earrings and new dress anytime. But then if it on a special day, then why not! I hope you had a fab day. Happy Birthday to you!

    • Hey… good to hear from you after eons. 😀
      Ha ha, well said. Those are classics and too good to refuse anytime of the year. Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes! Hope to see you around. 😀

  5. Belated Happy Bday, darling Deboshree.. i loved everything about this post. Right from that lone balloon picture, to the gentle buildup of activities and lastlt to your self proclamation of the birthday…

    Simple but speaks for itself…MAy this blog grow and mature with you “little girl”! and may the “little girl” never really grow up! 😉

    • Hullo!
      Aha, I loved that balloon as well. Much better than the bundles one usually finds…there’s something about the lone flight. 😀 I am delighted you enjoyed the post (including the self proclamation of the birthday). Thanks a lot for the wishes and I hope they come true! 😀

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