Of Stinking Home Pages, Mailboxes and Folders

Ugh. Things seem to be getting smelly around here. The drafts folder is like the newly defrosted refrigerator at home and lies barren and squeaky clean. The homepage had to go without new clothes on Diwali and Halloween. It wasn’t taken out to shop even when it had to wear the same set of pajamas for more than a fortnight at a stretch.

My sincere apologies to you, Saddi Delhi. I have been neglecting your needs for quite a while now. But trust me won’t you, when I say it wasn’t intentional. After the latest Blogadda book was dealt with, the windows to you shut all at once. And even the statistics-checking-devil inside me couldn’t do much to force them open. The cobwebs were allowed to settle and the cockroaches, it seems, ate into your comments revenue.

To add to the mess, that inbox has been overflowing with e-mails. Blog subscriptions – alluring titles that say “Blueberry pie in autumn” and “A Nonsensical Post”, to name just a few, have gone unattended. Contests that promised me iPads and cellphones have raced to their respective deadlines. Even the Letters To My Love scenario has suffered. Scores of photographs wait to be sent, Durga Puja remainders crib… and you know, all that jazz. My sincere apologies go out to all the good people associated with these frontiers.

Saddi Delhi-ite is currently in a rush of sorts. And it’s a rush that promises to continue till the first half of December is done. But, I promise that before Delhi dives into its Christmas cushions and prepares to bid the year goodbye, I am going to start major housekeeping around here. To make up for all this lost time, things here will again be fully functional and at an increased pace at that.

A couple of weeks more and then, the closed-apartment-like-stink of this place will be gone. That red chilly will be back with its quota of stories and tales. I will get to read what has been transpiring in the lives of my fellow bloggers and do up that mess of a mailbox in shiny new colours.

And by then, God willing, the lanes outside my window will be magnificently sunlit and Good Luck Cafe will be baking its first lot of morning buns.


37 thoughts on “Of Stinking Home Pages, Mailboxes and Folders

  1. welcome back Deboshree 🙂
    hope you can keep on working on your almost neglected blog, it would be a shame to neglect such wonderful blog.

    I wonder how you find writing contest through the net, I would love to try writing for a contest too

  2. I have been going throw this phase so often, of late, I can completely relate to you. I just feel guilty for neglecting my blog & readers and then days just fly past in a haze. I hope your housekeeping happens soon & we can all enjoy your work again.

    • Hey Rituparna! 🙂
      Totally…when time starts flying, it doesn’t give you a moment to breathe. Things have been crazy around here the past few months and I am longing to be able to spend hours on writing again. Touche.

  3. Better late than never. It’s not a problem if you remember to pen some stories at least twice a month. This is what I practice for my blog these days and overcome the guilt feeling of ignoring my blog.

    • That’s a good tip Aditya. In my case though, working at the blog would have caused more guilt. 😀 In December though, I will be hopefully be able to again spend time on what I love most.

  4. Yay ! You’re back. I was beginning to wonder where you had disappeared to. Seriously. Will wait till for your housekeeping to get done.

    And, ahem, my blog also misses your attention. Nudge, wink, cough. 😀

    • Hey Sudha! Good to hear from you. About your blog – I tell you, it came in my dream the other day and was making such a smug face saying I had no idea what goodies I was missing. Since that night, I have a mental note about reading up all the goodies. 😉

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