A Moo for my thoughts…


There must be something delightful about sitting by the road, munching last night’s dinner yet another time. The contented look on the faces of cows will vouch for this assumption. There were several of them in our courtyard this morning, enjoying the September sun. There was a Mamma cow and a Daddy cow and a Baby one who made mincemeat of the little weedy plants on the pavement. There were some aunts and uncles too, presumably left loose by their purveyor, who didn’t seem to mind the stench from the wall-turned-lavatory in the background. Most didn’t even bother with the itch that hovering flies caused. They merely waited for the nuisances to buzz off on their own. Such simple and patient creatures, cows are.

If it had been a couple of human beings for instance, they would have started with small talk on the weather and gone on to the state of the Indian economy in a blink. Or, as the case may be, to the state of the tall nose that nouveau-riche XYZ lady has. The human beings would then scowl and complain, whine and pull a long face. Some would sneer, some would sob. And a few smart Alecs would tell them they are above it all. If only human beings could learn to replicate the cow-calm! I am almost envious.

It’s unhealthy to be static – claim the experts. You got to be up and about, on your high heels and in your best gregarious mood all the damned while. Success comes to the runner, the one who overtakes all others. Not to the cow sitting lazily by the road, day dreaming of fields of grass. Well, it’s all a matter of perspective. Ask the cow and she will surely have a giggle or so to suppress. “I am the observer,” she will claim “and I do not bring myself to a nervous breakdown worrying about the other cow who’s prettier and has three basketfuls of grass to nibble on. I can chew on my own dinner any number of times.”

How I wish we could live so simply! If only there was a honey-tinged dawn to wake up to, with the early winter chill tempting you to cuddle up just a bit more with a loved one. The days passed by in innocent bliss, oblivious to the machinations of money-making and rat-race-running. Our minds were occupied with what the Renaissance philosophers would have called the quest for knowledge instead of the gold mining impulses that we have. Ah, life would have been a multitude of shades lovelier. Sigh!

But anyway, like I said, the cows also taught me patience. I am willing to live happily with whatever I have and wait for whatever I dream of. Until… the cows come home.


26 thoughts on “A Moo for my thoughts…

  1. nice post, there are many things we can learn from animals, not only cows. Sometime, animal is much better than human in certain area.

    I have a question about cow, I read in a book that Indian dont eat cow, they worship it, so you dont eat them…the cow could continue breeding and their number could be huge. Is it?

    • Totally Novroz, animals are better than humans – social animals per se – in plenty of departments.
      You have read correctly. Cows are worshipped here in India. And yes, we do have plenty of cattle. But then we also need plenty of milk don’t we? πŸ™‚

  2. He he he…. I love being lazy. Basking in the sun on a cold winter morning I adore. I don’t mind munching on the previous night’s leftover either. My life is quite static right now and nothing amuses me more than observing people walking on the road. Also, I am becoming chubbier by the day…

    What do you think Deboshree? Am I a cow in the making 😦 😦

    By the way..Great Post! πŸ™‚

    • Chhavi, you sound absolutely delightful! And no, you may not have the pleasure of being a cow in the future but yes, if contentment seeps in along with the observation, I can see a happy lane ahead. πŸ˜€
      PS: Chubby really? Haven’t you been infected by the Gym fever yet? πŸ˜›

    • True Rituparna… simple joys make life worthwhile. Today, if not again, I will consciously try to smell the flowers and hear the bees. Wait, I am not sure about the bees… πŸ˜›

  3. A moo for your thoughts too, Deboshree. πŸ™‚ Sometimes, when I have had a particularly tough day at work, i look at the cows on my way home happily sitting and munching away with patience and fortitude and wish I could be like them. Moooo….

    • That’s bliss Sudha! Even if I do that often… the cows look the picture of peace sitting calmly as the world around them rushes by. If only we could inculcate some of that peace in our souls!
      Moo to you too by the by! πŸ˜€

  4. Very interesting.
    You forget humans wold have talked about kirkit(cricket) πŸ™‚ … And thwn maybe argued over some silly thing and then a fight….

    Liked the way you have compared.. We humans need to learn patience. A lot of it….and learn to live together…

    Nice one..

    • Oh yes, how can I forget Cricket? πŸ˜€ And arguments are inevitable…
      Seriously Bikram. If patience could be bought, most of us would be impoverished buying ourselves the requisite amount.

  5. πŸ™‚ nice and interesting, as always. Though I do wonder how patient those cows would feel if they were made responsible for getting their own fodder and paying for the ground they sit at! And oh, to give taxes for the milk they give!

    • Ha ha… hear hear. But why do I get a feeling they would retain their simplicity even if they were put through those trying tasks? Humph… human beings I tell you. πŸ˜€
      Tax for the ground sounds good to me though. This tax should multiply with the cow’s proximity to vehicles on the road. πŸ˜€

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