Too smart for my cards

“If only we were living in China, things would be entirely different.” the middle-aged man announced, looking disapprovingly at the man standing behind him.

“How exactly do you mean?” the other man nervously glanced at his four kids, his youngest had recently celebrated her first decade on the planet. Not that he was any proponent of large families but one had to account for some evidence of conjugal bliss.

“I mean this – standing under a hot sun in a queue full of sweating people, waiting for a card that will do goodness knows what!” The thirty-one odd people who were standing in the queue instantly checked their underarms, a few opened a shirt button or two.

The card he was referring to is the newly introduced UID – or “Aadhaar” cardΒ  – as it is colloquially called. The Government has outsourced the project to several software companies and they are currently operating at different centres, taking people’s fingerprints and retina scans. The end product will be a shiny new citizen identification, with unique track-me-down records imbibed in its being. Taking a step at a time, this is deemed to be the much awaited silver bullet that will counter terrorism.

The man, it seems, did not consider the UID potent enough to be India’s superman. Now, if we were in China…

“Do you have any idea where their figures are going? Top of the charts I can tell you! And their head count is no less than our sacred motherland. Trust me,” he shook his head, “it’s high time we have a monarchy here.”

“And you can sit on the crown with a queen by your side.” murmured the man in front of me, under his breath.


Sacred or otherwise, this motherland of ours is definitely a breeding ground for a multitude of personalities. The die-hard cynic, the optimistic to a fault. The eavesdropping bystander too, if you please. I have no idea if the UID will really serve its entailed purpose – but our Government has undoubtedly been busy. There are always new forms to be filled, some new names to be coined, a revolutionary or two to be fed.

Well, I am game for anything that stems from authenticity and tries to better, if not eliminate, the problems of our bourgeois.

…I am now UID-smart. Are you? πŸ˜€


28 thoughts on “Too smart for my cards

  1. Wow…what an interesting ID. Do you need to renew it like other IDs? or that ID for life?

    It would be troublesome to apply it in my country especially in remote areas.

    • Well Novroz, they are saying this will be the new unified ID. So I guess there will be periodic renewals – its premature to comment on that now considering the project is still far from completion.

  2. Really u got the UID ?? great..though not sure what good it will do..because its a land of scams..soon we will hear about UID scam..I know sounds little sceptic..but this is the way here 😦

    • I will get in a month or so… I am done with the investigation work. πŸ˜€
      Eee. A UID scam sounds horrible. I hope we do not have any more ‘major’ scams anytime soon. 😦

  3. A similar government plan was started in the UK, the people rebelled and the whole idea was shelved despite so many millions already spent on it. It matters what the people want, people have more serious concerns like where the next meal will come from, how to pay the next bill than to worry about a stupid ID card,

    • Welcome to Saddi Delhi. πŸ™‚
      I have to agree with you on that – priorities vary from person to person. I am sure the Planning Commission would benefit from a deeper insight into that fact.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I heard about this almost a year back and started having images of FBI agent-like retina scanning and such. Then when it didn’t get mentioned, I thought the idea had died out like so many others.. Good to know it hasn’t:)

    • Ha ha… FBI scanning has always intrigued me too. I fancied getting into Forensics at a time. Though you won’t find those faces here – poring over magnifying glasses – but yes, the retina scan is very much happening. Maybe you should go have a look some time. πŸ˜€

  5. Not yet and I am not even sure if it will help me. 😦
    I have mixed feelings about this card. The optimist says that it’s a step in the right direction but then the pessimist manifests and convinces me that it will not achieve the desired goal. I’ll just wait and watch for the time being. Let time decide its fate.

    • Well said Chhavi. This is indeed another mixed scenario, undoubtedly evoking mixed emotions. The project can go both ways and given the number of people engaged in laundering of so many kinds, there are more chances of the scale tilting to a certain side. Like you said, let us see.

  6. Hey
    Beautiful short story kinda conversation on UID.Smart, Deboshree.It touched my heart:)
    BTW,I’m back post a hibernation.


  7. Neither am I but then I doubt if it will help me in any way.. Neither dual citizenship has helped people oit there call me outsider so I am thinking to give it up cause if I am just british then they all runn behind tongues wagging I might give them a pound….

    So thinkong still thinking…

    • Um. In your case Bikram, I agree that the UID may not really serve any purpose. You are an away-from-India Indian. πŸ˜€ See, doesn’t that sound nobler than an NRI?

  8. Not yet… For that I’ll have to go to my home town which doesn’t seems to happen in a near future…..
    Btw I think you might be the first UID smart blogger…. πŸ˜€

    • If you have a photo-address proof with you, I think you should be able to get it done even away from your hometown. Ha ha… am I? I hope I encourage some others to follow suit. πŸ˜€

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