Look, there’s a flower shop!

Flower Shop

There is a new flower shop in our lane. Goes by a fancy name it does, and a signboard that hasn’t a single spelling mistake. It is a replacement to the boutique that functioned from the same spot till a fortnight earlier. The clothes it housed have either all been bought or gone into depression from being confined to clothes-clips for so long. With due regard to my conviction in the latter notion, I am up to newer hypotheses.

“Oh the flower shop pays much more rent. Of course!”  said a middle-aged man who lives farther down the lane. “Though how they manage the pay is a curious case.”

“They say the clothes shop had a fall-out with the landlord. Seems their tailor had eyes for the daughter of the house.” put in another, not to be outwitted in the local gossip.

Theories abound in plenty but the result is for all to see. The flower shop – the answer to your delivery options for weddings, birthdays and annaprasan – stands in glorious majesty, adorned by streamers of red and yellow blossoms. Though the, err, compound is rather small, they have managed to staff their shop with a pretty girl at the counter, an in-house gardener, a man with ribbons and scissors and a cashier. There is also someone who comes in at regular intervals to supply fresh flower and see to home-delivery and orders.

The house next door can experience a market-side feel right from the comforts of its balcony. Cars stop over, motorbikes break down. The staff whiles away long afternoons listening to loud music or arguing about who rejected a job offer at the nearest shopping mall. When evening arrives, the flower-streamers give way to flickering red and gold lights. Our lane is transported to instant nirvana.

“This commercialization will be the death of me.” said a concerned ‘society’ member at a weekly meet. “My son couldn’t get his car past the dratted shop this evening!”

“It’s the money that is speaking Sir. They are all obsessed with the moolah.”

“The fools.” said the former. “Now if I had some empty space, I would never resort to such tactics. Those mobile repair people say. I would let it out to them…”

There was a time – long ago, when I was a young dame – when you could hear the pigeons hum in our lane. The trees would whisper in the winds and the road would lie in anticipation of a school bus or two, bursting with merriment and cheer. The ‘cheer’ it seems has quadrupled in recent days. The pigeons, however, have flown away.

* picture from paper-replika.com

33 thoughts on “Look, there’s a flower shop!

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  2. A flower shop is the perfect place for flower and flower arrangement marketing and those who work here – florists, flower artisans or flower designers – can offer you qualified and useful pieces about flowers and carrying them.

    • Yep that’s true. Arranging flowers is indeed an art – some of the arrangements that are done look divine and form most of the glitz in a function. 😀 Thanks for dropping by Kevin!

  3. Is this shop for real?

    This post sounds like a short story wih imaginary shop to me…I mean … wow your chosen words are beautiful, somehow there is a rhytm in it. It doesn’t feel you are saying ‘there is a new flower shop near by’.

    Really well-written!

    • I am delighted you liked it so much Novroz… Seems to me the much-talked-of charm of flowers is very much for real. 😀
      The shop does function though and serenades me with flowers every time I walk down the lane. In some ways, I am glad the clothes shop has been replaced.

  4. Oh I always love having a flower-shop nearby. It’s easy for me to pick up my fave flowers on the way and adorn my room 🙂 enjoyed reading this post…

  5. once again a beautiful take on ever reducing urban space…though I loved flowers but most of the time they are toooo pricey or not fresh..so started growing some in my patio…who knows it may attract the pigeons…:)


  6. Space crunch in city .. but I guess pigeons are used to it and they create their space in the city.In Delhi I see too many of them.. pigeons I mean! 🙂

    • Aativas – the next time you see a flock do direct them to my sector of Saddi Delhi. 😦 I do see a humming bird or so, even a sparrow, but the pigeons consistently choose to assemble elsewhere. 😦

  7. Another excellent piece. Well, made me feel thankful that we live in a quieter locality. Pigeons and other birds come daily to feed and drink from our bird bath and squirrels chatter away all day long. 🙂 We only wish that people would stop throwing garbage in the empty plot in front!

    • Oh my, sounds like bliss Jyoti. I wish we has squirrels here too. But no, all we get is a random wooden squirrel in the garden of the lane’s rich man. 😦 I hope the garbage throwers quit. Or else you guys could get together to throw them away! 😀

  8. Life is changing fast.. modrn living and yes anything ot make a bit more money ..

    sad the pigeons are not there .. the usual busy busy has taken over ..

    But flower shop one good thing the fragrance of the flowers should be everywhere 🙂

  9. What a refreshing start to my day 🙂 The cheer is good but only when it does not scare the pigeons away 😛 Brilliant post and the last para just sums it all up so beautifully 🙂

  10. Changing lifestyles, modern age and the space crunch – you said it all and so nicely laced it with humor. But as always, in your inimitable trademark writing style, the last para embodies the spirit of the post and evokes longing. Beautiful!. 🙂

    • The space crunch is indeed a growing problem Ajay. I think we underestimate its ferocity.
      I am delighted you liked the piece! And the last para – yes – pigeons have always been charming. 😀

  11. Ha ha ha……. It seems to be a lovely little place, this flower shop of yours. Roadside shops in crowded lanes can cause inconvenience but I wouldn’t mind the smell of exotic flowers in full bloom pampering my senses everytime I step out of my house 😀

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