Delhi and the Gym-mers

You won’t come across too many youngsters in Delhi who don’t do the gym. Only dadi ammas, plain Janes, boring geeks and pimply-luminous-shirt types do not. Oops, did you just count yourself? I am sure you are among the privileged few who are either blessed with taut, fat-free genes or the ones striving for a kind of nirvana that doesn’t come from lifting weights to alternating-rock music. The rest of us – the ‘us‘ being prosaically non inclusive – are enthusiasts of The Gym.

I recently came across this athletic chick – you know, broad shouldered-tall type, who drives down all the way from Connaught Place to South Delhi exclusively and painstakingly for gym. The heavens know it isn’t anything like a long drive amidst snow-capped mountains and chirping birds. Driving around in the rush-hour infamous Delhi traffic, the only ‘chirping‘ you’ll hear will be from honking horns and blaring MP3 players and abusing drivers. When I asked her if her place lacked a fitness centre, she hushed me and said that the Gym she went to was among The Best and an hour of sweat was well worth the toning her body-beautiful received. “And moreover,” she smiled, “the instructor is exceptionally handsome.” Ah.

One of my guy friends staunchly believes that Gymming is the best conversation fodder and that he looks his earnest best when elaborating on crunches and push ups. “The abs always need work”, he says every now and then. “Or else you’ll have all the things you eat poking out from there in horrible banana-like shapes.” Come a dinner party and his gymming conversation clears the buffet table in no time. I have begun to suspect some of the party organizers of hiring him on purpose – their food/plate is saved and no one can say they didn’t get enough to eat as not eating was a voluntary decision you see. So, this guy religiously does the gym six days a week and on Sundays he is on a bitter gourd and lemon-tart diet. “Aren’t the tarts fattening?” I eyed one the last weekend we met. “Oh I’ll push them away first thing tomorrow morning.” As he proceeded to work on one, I tried my best to shake off the disgusting graphics in my mind.

Do you do the gym? Great way to stay fit and eternally young ain’t it? Whee… I am afraid I am gym-ically challenged. My loyal and quiet little evening walk will have to make do.


34 thoughts on “Delhi and the Gym-mers

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  2. Nice article. Stumbled upon it in Google.

    I just came to delhi, now looking to get some motivation to hit the gym.

    Even I used to dislike boring gyms with dead weight machines, I preferred to play which i did only occasionally. Then with erratic eating habits I became weaker and leaner and was loosing weight until someone pointed it out to me, so I am 5’10” and i had gone to 56 kgs from 64 kgs!! She suggested to try out exercising. And in a month I was hooked.

    I used to jog to my gym which was like 2-3 kms away early morning and workout for atleast an hour. I did gym for an yr and not only I was in the best shape but I was fittest … ever. The feeling of “runners high” endorphins give you after good workout is something amazing. I wouldn’t debate if gym is best sports ever but if you lack company, this is the best self involved time you have.

    • Hello Kamal… welcome to Saddi Delhi. 🙂
      Your tryst with gymming sounds interesting. I have yet to try out a full time gym regimen and mostly rely on independent exercise (read walking) to stay in shape. It’s nice that I have a lean lineage and can eat without counting calories. But I get your point. A good workout and the feeling of being fit is terrific.
      Hope you get back motivation to keep at it. 🙂

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  4. I’ve always refused to (and will always stick to that refusal!) be a Gymmer 😀

    I don’t care about gyms, ppl who go thr, and ppl who give me free gym gyaan. I usually ask them to get a pup instead — loads of fun and you still stay fit with all the running around, twice-a-day-brisk-walks and chasing 😀 😀

    • Wow, now I meet a twin! 😀 😀

      Ha ha getting a pup is a fantastic alternative. I have some really bad experience of an ex-roomie’s pup and gosh, I would almost think Gym is better. 😀

    • Fashion show is right Bhagya… it’s more of a race to outwit the other than genuine concern about health. Keeping good health doesn’t have to involve spending the most money or going to the fanciest block.

      Oh 🙂 I am just keeping completely occupied these days and hence the frequency has gone down. I will work on it. 😀

  5. Nope. No gym for me 😛 I weigh more than I need to, but it’ll just have to disappear with walking twice a day for 45 mins 😀 I’m too lazy to lift weights anyways 😉

  6. I do work out, its a habit actually now. The only thing I hate is how not to sound like a diva while a plate full of calories is pushed towards me.

    Its embarassing when people say, Oh you are on a diet?. Working out is a hobby for me, I definitely don’t preach and don’t walk around in “figure” hugging clothes.


    • I hate going on diets. I never have and I hope I never have to. Fingers Crossed. I cut down on fattening things if I feel I am putting on weight and reduce the no. of helpings/items per se.

      Gosh, I am glad you’re against the whole flaunting fad. That’s one ‘figure’ less on the street. 😀

  7. There was a time, not long ago, I used to be only 48 kg. People advised me to go to gym and build up my body. I was asked to eat Jeevan Tone, a popular muscle-building suppliment. After one month I stopped as I looked like loosing the little ‘jeevan’ that was still left in my body.

  8. Hmmm…I do hit the gym sometimes, but don’t find the need to go to “The Best One” an hour drive from my place. This is something I have never understood. A few neighbours go to walk in the ridge. The ridge is a good 15 minutes drive if you go early(I mean very early) in the morning. With traffic, the time taken is 30 minutes. But whats the point? Driving daily to take a walk.
    The things available to you nearby should be used. But then some use gym as a status symbol or a social meeting hub.

    P.S. Now I have a gym at my home. A complete gym. So no need to go anywhere for that.

    • Eee. I thought the driving-to-exercise thing works only for gym. Driving down somewhere to walk sounds downright weird. I guess only the ones who live in absolutely closed up places – where you have no room for walking at all – can be excused such an act. 😀

      Aha a gym at home! If there’s bliss… 😀

  9. Yess I go to gym regualrly 6am in morning But for the life of me i cant get the 6 pack.. I got a BIG ONE PACK..

    All the best to you and happy Evening walks they help a lot tooo .. it only works if you go regulalry … have fun 🙂

    • Ha ha a big one pack sounds cool Bikram. 😀 Even numbered packs are so common these days. 😀

      Yes. I do ensure the walks are regular though sometimes the laziness bug does come visiting. 😀

  10. Well….. I have become a religious “gymmer” these days… A certain someone told me that I had put on way to much weight 😦 So, I try to sweat away as many calories as I can. I don’t really see any visible changes. Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed 😀

    • Ooh we have a religious gymmer right here on my blog. 😀 See I told you? 😀
      Oh I am sure those extra kilos will soon be gone Chhavi… all the best with the gymming! 😀

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