Calling on The Sick One

Illness mirrors people like nothing else. Other people I mean. Their nicely tailored coats of various human values threaten to tear to shreds and the tailor when called up claims he is out-of-town.

Some people turn up with baskets of fruits – rich red apples, juicy mangoes and even oranges they claim to have raided the market to locate. The doctor has advised against apples, they are told. What! their tone is shrill. My two hundred rupees worth of fruits and half an hour in the sun degraded with such audacity! Which doctor advises against apples, they ask out loud, their eyebrows strained and lips lifted. Well, our doctor, we reply. Thin-skinned fruits may carry germs but the oranges will do just fine. They condescend to turn that lift of the lips into a smile and don’t stay for too long after the little fruit fiasco.

Then there are those who pay duty visits. Do you actually think you’ll manage to get away with not visiting your sick relative now that you are in the same city? Their sister scolds them over the phone. Now that we have been living in the same city for fifteen years… they silently add. See you moron! What will people think of you? The sister gets busy filing her nails but the same-city relative loses her peace. She turns up the next day and amidst plenty of oh-you-have-changed and oh-life-is-so-busy-you-know she also manages to put in a how-is-your-health-now.

Relatives come in varied forms but the friends also make for an interesting picture. They live in a technologically advanced age where a ‘like’ on Facebook is the new congratulations call for a wedding fixed and a colon with a backward parenthesis the apt reaction for tragic pieces of news. The years of posing for comradely pictures long left behind, they switch to the next current affair in their list of notifications.

I am personally fond of the fruity type. Mangoes make for good afternoon snacks during these hot summer months in Delhi.

P.S.: The above is not to be taken personally. Nothing about it. Zilch.


39 thoughts on “Calling on The Sick One

  1. Heh, typical debo post :). Nice to read your post after a long time. Loved the typical relatives conversation, they get angry for you getting sick.

    Keep writing!

  2. hmmm sorry i am late ..

    YEs when i am sick Please Mangoes Everyone.. and i guess an apple a day keeps he doctor away is not longer valid.

    Relatives what can i say about them :)..

    oh yes the new trend of FB like well thats why i dont put any news or anything on FB those who care for me genuinly will do the like or unlike personally and not on stupid FB.

    • Hey Bikram… yes I was starting to wonder why you’re so late. 🙂

      Ha ha welcome to the we-love-mangoes club. I am rooting for the yellow delights any day!
      FB… err. I will just say ‘being fake’ has so acquired so many expressions these days. I like your policy. 😀

  3. yea… I like mangoes and oranges too! 😛
    and yea, instead of fruits, one could give chocolates and flowers or even music if they know the person well! 🙂

    • Exactly. Those things are cheery and instead of the cliche bring on some actual happiness. After a while, you don’t even feel inclined to eat anything when you’re sick.

  4. Oh dammit, I should have reserved that first comment. I was online at that time too. Sigh! 😛

    Anyways, I’m with you! 😉 Ripe fruit makes good balance for raw shows of caring 😀 Besides, its good for our health too. Hehehe! Nice post D!

    • Ha ha *devilish grin* you missed out this time. 😀

      Exactly. The world is so balance-literate these days; there are replacements for almost everything in the world.
      Thanks Leo! 😉 😀

  5. I hope u r not offended, just clicked the ‘like’ button 😛 Personally I find the like button quite a boon; when i don’t have words to comment or time, i just click on the ‘like’.

  6. 🙂

    Once again, a fully entertaining post. I did not quite get the sentence about torn coats and tailors. But love the rest entirely. You are such a witty writer!


    • Hey Jyoti.
      Oh, I just meant that people show their true colours on such occasions and their usual artificial attire fails to cover things up… you know I get rambling sometimes. 😀
      Glad you enjoyed the post! Thank you. 😀

    • Yep. I am not too fond of the green ones either – we use them to make this sour chatni. But we have started getting the sweet ones now and they are delightful! 😀

  7. He he he….. Point noted sweetie….. We’ll come to your house with a basket full of these yellow coloured delights. But there is no need to fall sick. Just feign sickness. I think that will do. 😉 😀

  8. The ONLY word I saw and registered in this entire post is MANGOES 😀 😀
    I had a few today — and I’m CRAVING for more 😀

    Hope you’re fine; I’m very busy 😀

  9. we are getting tongue in cheek, ha? 😀 that gave me a chuckle. But you are right, esp about Facebook and as for mangoes.. dunno about Delhi but they cost close to a 1000 Rs per dozen in if I get mangoes when I’m sick, I must be loved 😉

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