I have some chain-mail!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my dear fellow blogger Rituparna, of “Chocolates and Dreams”, had a surprise lined up for me this noon. I have officially joined a much sought after bandwagon and am:

The Versatile Blogger

This is an antediluvian chain-award for bloggers and is given out to blogs you love coming back to. Ala the chain mail we used to send in the more innocent of our days, the awardee then has to pass it on to fifteen other bloggers he/she thinks are deserving winners. The catch is that the awardee also has to share seven random facts about himself. Errm. Thanks a lot Rituparna!

So, shifting the muse of my blog from Saddi Delhi to Delhi-wali for a while, I hereby present seven hopefully non-embarrassing facts about yours truly:

1. I have a bad case of OCD. Obsessive compulsive disorder. I can’t stand jars not in line on the kitchen shelf, my t’s not crossed and specks of dirt in hidden corners. Guests get on my nerve if their animated offspring tug too much at the tablecloth and mysterious smells in the autorickshaws in Old Delhi tempt me to disembark in the sun.

2. I can’t cook to save my life. As some of you know, this place was earlier titled ‘Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune’. I spent many a secret hours giggling when I got feedback from people who mistook this space for a recipe blog. I am glad the good Lord had this in mind when he was pairing people off.

3. My earliest memory of a horror-movie that actually scared me is the Madhuri starrer 100 days. I couldn’t sleep all night for fear of a skeleton lurking behind the bedroom wall.

4. I am paranoid about bills of any kind. I always worry they will bloat up for some sinister reason and go into cold sweats before cellphone, electricity, water and land-line phone bills are due. I don’t worry about card statements as they seem more in voluntary control.

5. I am a huge collector of earrings. I have hordes of them in all shapes, sizes and colours. Mom says I can start my own shop and I can’t call that an exaggeration, connoisseur that I am. Box after box is stuffed with these ear-decor pieces picked up from alleys and by-lanes in every city I visit and whenever a new box comes home, it is by default handed over to me.

6. Losing/not returning a book I lent you equals starting an interminable feud with me. Returning it in tattered/spilled with water shape is nearly as bad and though I may not go into revenge mode, you can be sure the keys to my library will remain forever hidden in your presence.

7. Someday, I want to own a brown/white-coloured Falabella horse. The three of us will live together in a delightful cottage in the countryside, surrounded by greens and grazing lambs. All tucked under a honeysuckle-blue winter sky.

And now that I have had my limelight, I will pass it around by announcing the 15 bloggers I present this award to: (in absolutely random order)

1. The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker by The Indian Homemaker
2. Unnamed by Chhavi
3. Expressions… by Tanishka
4. Me and my Random Thoughts by Bikram
5. I Rhyme Without Reason by Vinay
6. The Dialogue by Chatterbox
7. Bit by Bit! by Pzes
8. A Dash of Pepper by Pepper
9. Delhizen’s Blog by Pallavi
10. Gossamer Dreams by Dhaami
11. Umas Reflections by Uma
12. Writer-z Block by Pal
13. My Favourite Things by Sudhagee
14. Todd Pack’s Messy Desk by Todd
15. The Flibbertigibbet Blog by Stacy

Keep up the good work people. The blogosphere is fun with your super blogs to land on!  😀 😀


39 thoughts on “I have some chain-mail!

  1. Hey ! Those are some really interesting facts. N hey with me around you don’t need to cook to save your life n hiding that library key is so correct, very few people know how to value books.

    • I am relieved I have one soul who’ll come save me from the travails of cooking. Good cooking I mean. 😀
      Yep. I hate taking risks with my books.

      Glad you liked the post R, thank you! 😀

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  3. cool stuff.. Thank you so much for putting me on your list! That makes me a smiley happy face! But do I HAVE to tell things about me any more than I already do? 😀

    Your list is fun. I too hate people who forget to return my books especially because I totally forget who and what I lend in my generous streaks. And I love earrings too..can we see pictures of yours please ? 🙂

    • Ha ha yes those generous streaks are the scariest of all moods. I generally beware of them as far as my precious books are concerned.
      That’s interesting – I will do a post on earrings some day, where in Delhi do we get the best or something of that sort. Then I can show off my collection. 😀 It would be brilliant advertising. 😀
      I love your photographs like I keep telling you and your subjects are fun… so yes, your space on that list is definitely well deserved. 😀

  4. OOh same pinch on 3…i used to have horror nights on Madhuri Dixit scraping the wall.,..and i think i used to “hear” a lot of scraping of walls then. Same pinch on ear rings too…But i only have a collection of silver/junk – no gold allowed 🙂

    • Oh I finally find someone who admits to finding that flick scary. Yeay! 😀
      Yep.No gold here either – I have that old gold-is-outdated excuse and even sneer when my kith and kin stack up gold jewellery for the impending functions in my life. Silver is cool and junk goes with everything. 😀

  5. U cant cook ??? I think I too got fooled by that Panneer and Pulao name !!!! 😉

    Even I dont like ppl who dont return back my CDs / books / my boxes – anything I give them with trust has to be returned to me.

    And thank you for that award. 🙂 🙂 Am all smiles. 🙂

    • Ha ha I am glad the myth is now broken. But I like to believe that for me not-being-a-good-cook is by choice. I sincerely hope I always get the choice. 😀
      Exactly. Some people seem to think they own what they have borrowed. Though heavens protect things that are unlucky enough to be in their possession!

      Oh you’re totally welcome. I love your blog. 😀

  6. I am with Tanishka, I have nothing in common with you but that is why it made for such great read. Loved reading it all and point no. 7 was the best.

    Congratulations on the award. 🙂

    • Oh… so I meet another divergent trait-ed person. Yes, I guess differences make the world interesting. 😀
      I hope I manage to achieve point no. 7 some day… wish me luck. 😀

      Thanks a lot Comfy!! 😀

  7. Congratulations Deboshree….. I love coming back to your blog and I am not surprised that others love doing it too…. 😀 So keep up the good work. And thank you so much for placing me on the list. I am honoured 🙂 P.S. Even I suffer from OCD…. It drives the people around me crazy 😉

    • Thanks so much Chhavi! 😀 😀
      Oh your blog is a new discovery of mine but I am enjoying every bit of it. Kudos. 😀
      Really? I am glad I have company. I try to keep my OCD concealed but it has a way of leaking out. 😦

  8. Congratulations for the award deboshree and thanks a lot for pacing it on to me…. 🙂
    After reading this post i have come to know that I’am your opposite in every way,….
    Cleanliness has never been my cup of tea… If ever I happen to visit your place I need to be very very careful… 😀

    • Thanks a bunch T! And you totally deserve the award. 😀
      Oh is that so? 😀 Ha ha, considering you feel that way about cleanliness, I am sure this post has rung many a warning bells. 😀
      But don’t worry, I will make an exception for you when you come visiting. 😀

    • Thanks a lot Scorpia! 😀
      And you know what, I just realized why its been so long I read your posts. I hadn’t a subscription!
      Oh no. 7 has always been a personal dream. I hope it works out. 😀

  9. and I get the AWARD Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    thank yu thank you thank you so very much 🙂

    and 100 days you found horrow Oh girl you havenot seen anything yet 🙂 he he ehe
    and a horse naiceeeeeeeeeeeeeee I like that 🙂

    thank you once again for the award 🙂

    • You’re very welcome Bikram… your blog is fun. It is also very up-to-date and informative… so you totally deserve the award. 😀

      Oh don’t tease me. I was a young, straight out of the cradle kid when I saw 100 days. 😛
      Yep. The Falabella is one of the cutest of all horse breeds. 😀

      Welcome once again Bikram… keep up the good work!

    • I knew the second and fifth random fact about you, from previous posts, but definitely most intrigued by the last. Hope you have loads of fun under the honeysuckle sky 😉

      Hmm, I’ve got the badge before, but I am glad for your nomination again 🙂 But to select 7 to pass it on to has been a task I’ve stopped accepting for a while now, coz I go too many blogs to choose 🙂 too hard for me.

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