Diamonds at 20 a piece

The sabijiwala who does the rounds in our society every morning has become very demanding. Prices are shooting up he says. Schools are more expensive, even the water he uses to sprinkle on his cabbages and ladyfingers doesn’t come free. His point being – I will charge a wee bit more on everything. Gone are the days when you could get one meal’s raw material for twenty. There are many who buy his profit percentage hike, for a walk to the main market is far more troublesome than vegetables at your doorstep. The long and short of it – twenty has zilch value today. All you can get for that sum in the capital is that typhoid-causing-ice-lolly or some local-brand-chocolate with silver work on its cover.

In such a setting, when you are told about a store that sells diamonds at twenty, you are bound to gape. But, that’s the USP of Govind Puri’s exclusive jewellery showroom – *Manali Diamond House.

It’s reportedly located in a rather decrepit alley so don’t go looking for picturesque fountains that you find in the fancy Noida and Saket malls. Plus, the Manali connection is debatable. Do they sell authentic Manali gems? Or are the people behind the counters related to the city namesake? I am afraid the answers are rather dim. But these minor roadblocks forgotten, one thing is for sure – you won’t end up burning a hole in your pocket. No one, they claim, will be even able to detect if the glittery white stones you have in your ears and around your neck are true to a coal-mine origin or manufactured in some cheap assembly line factory. Does it get more lucrative when you have:

Exclusive Jewellery of all kinds: Rs 20/- to Rs 95/-

You need fret not, they cajole, if you haven’t the face to carry off the elegant designs. They have cosmetics to lend your skin that television-serial-queen glow and once achieved, it really wouldn’t be fair to blame them for blemishes and scars on your face. It’s the rushing after brands phenomenon, they shake their heads, which is India’s undoing and the reason behind the ever increasing scrum for money.

Govind Puri is South Delhi’s very own downtown – it’s the part of the town where life begins at sundown. Coaching classes teem with students, markets teem with haggling women, and shops teem with chaat papdi and other sadak ka khaana. With this bejewelled cherry on the cake, I am sure the place just got livelier.

They have a sale on by the way; it’s been going on for ‘only four days’ since July last year. I was informed of the same by a friend who seemingly had a blast going diamond shopping. Though she isn’t sure the establishment is still going strong, I have a good mind to send someone over for a quick check. I have some strange dread you see, of what lies in many of the nice little gullies of Govind Puri.

*name changed

28 thoughts on “Diamonds at 20 a piece

  1. What’s the meaning of the word ‘saddi’?. sorry, I don’t understand Hindi (it’s a shame, I know, but can’t help it)

    • Oh it isn’t Hindi. Punjabi actually, but an adjective used almost exclusively with Delhi. Saddi denotes belonging, loosely meaning “our/my Delhi”. 😀

  2. give me the address for this place.. I know where to buy gifts if i need to HA HA AH as such they says ladies best gift is diamonds and you cant go wrong with Rs. 20/- Will buy more then one .. ALL HAPPY 🙂 nice one he hehe

    • Ha ha you plotter. You will gift your friends fake diamonds. *shakes head* 😛 😛
      Yes… that reminds me of this debate where someone said: diamonds are a girl’s best friend and who is a man’s? A Dog? 😛
      Ha ha…

  3. I missed the first spot this time 😦 Anyway, you can inform the shopkeeper that I am willing to become one of their regular customers 🙂 As long as no one finds out that they are fake, I don’t mind wearing fake stuff 😉

    • Whoa. They will be pleased as punch I am sure. Count yourself enrolled Chhavi. 😀
      Ha ha I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I am huge junk jewellery buff, especially when it comes to earrings. 😀

  4. diamonds for twenty bucks.. someone gave Deboshree a lottery? 😉 hehe.. but I had no idea four days could be so long lasting.. thank God my life ain’t that way, I don’t wanna lose my weekends 😀

    let us know your diamond experience if you do end up going shopping with a twenty in ur purse 🙂

    • Oh I wish… gone are the days when the conventional lottery used to be such a rage. 😦
      Ha ha ha me neither. But they have to last long when much more than 4 days go by in informing people about the sale. 😛 😉

      Sure will do. But I hope the twenty comes with a couple of zeroes succeeding it. 😀

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