11000 bucks down the dog’s throat

My ‘society neighbours’ have a bloodhound. Nice term haven’t I coined? It can be generally used to refer to a group of people who live in your locality, from two to forty-five houses apart, and say bright hellos when you meet them during festivals such as the Navratri/Durga Puja. The rest of the time they walk next to you in glass shields, conversation and hand-wave resistant.

So anyway, the dog these society neighbours have is a healthy brown colour and possesses a graceful walk. He was one of the dogs, I recall from yester years, who wouldn’t make a fool of himself yapping and screaming when taken for walk near the fish and chicken market area. But now it seems the canine has made much more than a fool of his owning family… he has made them poorer by a good 11,000 Indian rupees.

News such as this needs only the feeblest medium to travel and it came our way this evening via the local news reporter. (who also happens to be my Mom’s best buddy) So the bloodhound, along with nice long legs, also happens to have a sharp pair of eyes. Last week, he used his gift to fuel a sudden dose of insanity. Every morning, he would patiently wait for the family members to get going on their daily chores and would then brace up for the kill. He would open his wide mouth as far as it would go and gulp! went the roll of cotton the girl had set aside for her manicure. Another gulp! and in went a safety-pin. All was hunky dory for a few days though the doggie did seem rather strange. Finally, as the uncanny food started playing tricks in his stomach, he had to be rushed to the hospital.

The surgeon found an interesting collection of items in his belly – two safety pins, some cotton, a few sequins probably fallen from clothes, a rubber band and some toothbrush fibres. The operation cost a neat money packet and the bloodhound is currently idling away in a first class hospital ward. The last I heard, the family received a ‘Get well soon’ greeting card and a book titled ‘Eating Healthy for Dummies’.

I have yet to decide on my visiting present. Ideas anyone?


38 thoughts on “11000 bucks down the dog’s throat

    • Oops. Do keep an extra watch over him in that case… though cardboard seems a more sensible choice any day than safety pins. 😉
      Thanks for dropping by Stacy! 😀

  1. hey! new avtar rocks! 🙂 the doggie btr nw?

    well we did have a pup a few years ao.. used to chew up most of the stuff at home! 😀 eventually had to give it away.. 😦 well dog food and dog scholl training pamphlets are gud ideas! so wat did u give? 🙂
    hope u well settled in dilli 🙂

    • Hey Vinitha… thanks a lot! 😀
      Yes, the doggie is much better… though regular trips to the vet are on.
      Oops. This chewing odd things is a major problem with pets. God should make this an inbuilt impulse – don’t chew just anything!
      We went in with a dog training booklet alright… a nice one from Crossword… and some Pedigree. 😀
      Yeah… Delhi’s going strong but – I miss Pune. 😦

  2. Well, keeping eyes on turtle is a lot easier than on dog 😉
    I keep her in her tank when I am out for work, so she won’t eat anything unusual at that time.

    Maybe you’d like too see Kroten trying to eat cigarete but and television cable, here> The Voracious Me: http://t.co/LCEZ7pG

    • Yes that’s definitely a plus. Moreover I have a feeling your turtles are generally more disciplined than that dog. 😉
      LOL what a fun video. I must say Kroten is voracious indeed. 😀

  3. How about a sewing Kit? Ahh I am terrible. It is lucky the safety pin didnt open.

    But I can relate to this. When I first recued my cat Littlgirl. I think she would moniter my wallet. As soon as I started to get ahead of the game by having extra spending money saved… Littlegirl would get mysteriously sick and need an emergency vet visit. That happened twise to me. (intestinal blockage from eating hair) I always have to watch out for her.

    • Eee. Even the image of that pin inside his stomach makes me scared. I can’t imagine how it must have felt. 😦
      Eating hair? Oh gosh… I am glad you keep an extra watch on her now. My cats get pretty naughty too but with them it’s mostly about getting bruised fighting and playing.

      Ha ha bad luck about the extra-money-disappearing bit. Smart kitty I must say. 😀

  4. I love that big chilly on your header…looks hot 😉

    Whuahaha…Kroten seems to have found her long lost relative, a bloodhound who eats everything…as Kroten also eats everything. But fortunately I don’t have to take her to any hospital yet, coz I am keeping both my eyes on her

    • Thanks Novroz! I personally like it too. 😀

      Oops. A very distressing all-eating gene this. I am glad you’re keeping an eye on her… I hope the owners of this bloodhound follow in your footsteps.

  5. Oh my !!! How did they just didnt notice the dog eating all those stuff ????? Its too painful for the dog !!! I hope he heals well and faster. 🙂

    Find out what is safe for the dog to eat and get it… 😉

    • Seriously. That was what shook me. How could they not notice it? It had been going on for at least 2-3 days. Really strange!
      Yes… I hope so too. It isn’t his fault really if he hasn’t been trained well.

  6. Well, pets can be a menace at times… I pity the owners… 11000 bucks! That’s a lot of money…. And spending it to get some crappy stuff out a dog’s tummy is a sheer waste.

    • I confirm the menace part. Only I know what I had to go through when my roomie got along a stray puppy.
      Yes, that’s a lot of money indeed and what’s more, the problem wouldn’t have arrived had they been a little more careful. Sad!

  7. I think the owners wouldn’t mind you taking a 10k cheque along 😉 but preference to the dog, I’d say a bag of pedigree would cut it fine 😀

    • Cute? LOL my Mom has some other not so adorable adjectives for him.
      Yep… I hope they take good care of him now onwards.

      Me too. Though we have only cats at home now.

  8. REally .. he heeh But i am glad the canine was looked after and it deserves all the attention …

    but on funny side a visitng present hmmmm lets see.. what can you take hmmm .. hmmmmm Okay maybe … hmmmm


    happy hunting 🙂 do tell me though what you took 🙂

    • Yep I am glad he’s doing fine now…
      Oh that wasn’t helpful Bikram 😛 but never mind, maybe I will go with CB’s pedigree idea after all. Nothing like a good lunch. 😀

  9. O my :shock:..that blood hound has definitely cost a fortune to it’s owners.
    But pups usually have a habit to doing funny things like these when left unsupervised for long hours. I’ve had pets since I was a little kid so I am aware of all such troubles naughty pets can come up with.
    Well a small bag of Pedigree from you as a visiting gift 😉 should do wonders for this voracious eater bloodhound 😀

    • Oh CB I had heard of habits like biting at things and being really chewy but I am surprised the dog actually ate all that up! I will keep a better eye on my cats in the future.
      Ha ha Pedigree is a super idea… would be a delicious and healthy lesson for the eater. 😀 Thanks!

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