P&P moves to Delhi

We are moving

P&P sipped cold coffee, from the city’s coffee spots –
he sat upright as we fed him pulao,
or gave him pizza shots.

He’d embrace the queer, a weird old fad –
and when spring arrived,
turn poetically mad.

Hiking too he went! to the hills and the shore –
in his galleries vast,
memories he’d store.

When films came out, he’d jump to watch –
and if not pleased,
write reviews to scorch.

A fashionable bloke, his views were deep –
themes and designs:
he’d painstakingly seek.

A few times P&P, flew to the Delhi land –
he’d speak of holiday,
of the sun and the sand.

Though he’s off tomorrow, rather a sad song –
I’m sure his escapades in Pune:
will there track him along.

— —

P&P is moving to Delhi. And if you thought he’s a Pune-only, let me tell you Delhi has some amazing paneer and pulao as well. πŸ˜€

I will continue to blog in this URL, albeit about and from saddi Delhi.

A new look andΒ  a new name – yes. But they are but a new chapter in life… That doesn’t mean the older ones are torn or forgotten. Yes, you see, I have decided to not be sad. πŸ˜€

Looking forward to seeing you all there! πŸ˜€



37 thoughts on “P&P moves to Delhi

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    • You have a point. But then, Delhi being my hometown and the city I have inhabited almost all years is Old with a capital O. I love it- of course- but Pune took away my heart.
      I hope you enjoy the read Todd… thanks a lot for dropping by! πŸ˜€

    • Yep, now Delhi stories. πŸ˜€
      I wish things become smooth S… I seem to have fallen too hard in love with Pune.
      Oh yes, I hope to keep the place as updated as I can… πŸ™‚ will see you around then! πŸ˜€

  6. Be it from Pune or Delhi or even New York, till you and P&P are happy and aren’t worrying we are all glad to be a part of your onward journey in life (& blog-life) πŸ˜€
    Have a good time πŸ˜›

    • Ha ha that’s super sweet CB πŸ˜€ Thanks a lot for being a part of this journey… blogging about a city so much was a first for me and is possibly one of the reasons I have grown so attached to the place…
      Anyway, I hope to see you around in Delhi dearest then.

  7. Now we will find more about Delhi tooo… as such i am not a big fan of pune due to some personal reasons .. but delhi is lovely jubely some of the lifes best moments spent there on delhi di galiyaan πŸ™‚

    and Lots of time spent at the airport car park πŸ™‚ bring it onnnnn …
    and all the best to the new start at a new place take care

    • Oops is that so? In that case I am glad I will be talking about Delhi now. My birth place, my childhood companion… the city I can never not love irrespective of what anyone might say. Looking forward to having you around Bikram… πŸ˜€
      Thanks a lot for the best wishes! Though Delhi is as old as the hills for me, but moving back there after Pune feels like a major step.

      PS: time at the car park? Hee hee… sounds good.

  8. Get going !!! Have a blast in Delhi too…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Am glad to note that u have decided not to be sad….that’ll make life easier over there. πŸ™‚

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