Case of the day: “The goat on the stairs”

The goat on the stairs

“It was only last year that *we covered the cat-on-the-roof case. Referring to that coverage does give us a few substantial leads this time.

In that peculiar case, a cat was stuck on the tin roof for over three hours and howled and mewed the neighbourhood down. She exhibited strange behaviour such as pawing and wagging of the tail when confronted by a rescue team. Our channel assiduously brought to you all nuances of the queer animal for the entire expanse. But this time, **the case is even more gripping.

Our animal psychologist says the goat’s expression reveals knowledge of some dark secret. The mere fact that she isn’t looking straight ahead (goats are known for linear vision, he points out) hints at the darkness of the situation. She has been standing there for over half an hour and first came to the notice of our resident reporter owing to a strange and noisy tremble of her throat. When he brought out his camera, she did not make a move but stared even more intently in her direction of attention. A clear hint that was, at the oddity of the adjacent wall.

No one has yet managed to go up the stairs for fear of rousing the goat’s probable supernatural prowess. But it is imperative that the green door behind (which is firmly locked) be inspected for dangerous contents. None of the people in the locality claim any knowledge about the owner of the mysterious house. The ragged towel (near the bottom of the stairs) and the potted plant hint at possible inhabitance but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

What could be the secret the goat is so discreetly hiding? What does the creepy green door guard?

Only time (and our assiduous reporting) will tell.”

* not directed at any particular news channel
**case in progress in a small village near Pune.

32 thoughts on “Case of the day: “The goat on the stairs”

  1. Oh !!! What do I write now ???? Did u find out the real reason ????

    God, next time I see a goat somewhere, I’ll be thinking of u in my shoes, looking at it with a strange look – Is this the same goat ???? 😉

    • Sadly Uma, I couldn’t stay long enough to find out the real reason. But I am sure the India TV people will cover it soon enough. 😉

      Ha ha ha I may end up doing that too. A black and white goat with a deep look in its eyes and voila, there’s bound to be magic. 😀

  2. Chuck the psychologist. I will tell you the “actual” reason. Another goat said to this goat “STATUE” and went grazing and since then this goat is standing for its return 😛

    • Oh my, so the statue thing is popular with goats too! I wonder when they will have an informative news reel about the origins of that game. 😦

      Thanks a lot for dropping by Lakshmi! 😀

    • I wish I had been assigned the case Joshi. 😛 I would then have given you minute to minute updates…But sadly, I was only reporting on a temporary basis.

      I am sure by now the goat has crashed the door open.

  3. There’s definitely some paranormal activity here. For my computer hanged up just when i was about to comment the first time 😀

    • Don’t tell me Jyoti! You will now be in the breaking news section… gear up for an interview. 😀 😛 (and let your browser relax or something for a bit.. ha ha)

  4. Lol. 😀 Such a mystery! I’ll have to stay tuned to catch all the action. 🙂 Debo, are you a reporter of India TV by any chance? 😛

    • Yes yes stay tuned Ajay. The latest that’s in actually says the goat moved up a stair! (She’s finally decided she’s had enough of the limelight.) 😛

      Ha ha okay, I admit I have India-TVish moods/interpretations but spare me the actual designation. 😛

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