The world’s on its way out, darling…

I shrugged off the ominous words with a watery smile. The mouth that voiced them belonged to my thin-lipped colleague at work. Undeterred by my lack of response, he kept on a murmur even after I was out of the elevator. To be honest, he’s rather morbid on any average day. But this afternoon, news splashes about an 8.9 intensity earthquake hitting Japan were responsible for the added menace in his tone.

A building burns in Japan

Google shows a warning on its home page:

Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others. Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan.

The 2012 theory, my colleague says, is founded in truth. The “world will end next year” theory to be precise. This guy has a lavish estate in uptown Pune and he keeps prettifying it every month or so. Even currently, there’s some floor adding work in progress. His recent investment list is topped by a new car. He is ergo, easily an object of spiteful envy/marital fantasy depending on the sex of the onlooker. But now he says, he’s very very wary.

When there’s news of sudden rainfall in a city an overnight-train journey away, he shuts the windows at his house tightly. When the onion prices in the market go up, he hoards food items in preparation for an oncoming famine. The people at my workplace say he’s a little too paranoid (and some attribute that to his being a little queer in the head). But end or no end to the world, some of his lifestyle nuances do serve a lesson.

I doubt the world will end as soon as next year. There’s way too much that’s wrong with it now: too much crime, too much negativity, a harrowing chase after money. Then there is the forest rampage – killing this plant and that animal, using this chemical to make that shine and breaking that down to raise this skyscraper. Nope, there’s too much evil for the world to get that swift an end.

I foresee many more years of the sun burning down on us before he is forced to shed his starry robes. But yes, a day will come when the Lord will be irrevocably scandalized. Traumatized too, at the dismal state of the planet he had so lovingly brought to life. That day, like the lost island of the Atlantis, the world may be swallowed up by the raging sea.


38 thoughts on “The world’s on its way out, darling…

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  2. I don’t believe in that 2012 prediction…I have my own religion prediction to believe πŸ™‚

    Thank you for visiting my pet’s blog. Nice blog you have here.

  3. Hey..lovely post. I wrote one on a similar vein. With so many calamities befalling our planet these days, there is indeed no telling what might happen when. Especially as nuclear reactors loom large and environmental protection lies low.

    • Hey Richa… thank you! πŸ˜€
      I just read your post and put that way, you almost have me paranoid. The world seems to be in hot soup and it might crumble any moment.
      Let’s make the most of what we have. πŸ˜€

  4. “I doubt the world will end as soon as next year. There’s way too much that’s wrong with it.” This reminded me of – ‘A man is punished not for his sins but by his sins.’ Too many sufferings to be healed, disparities to be removed, wrongs to be corrected, evils to be rid of in this world. The world can’t end so soon but like Nuttie says, if we all go together then I’ll happily go.

    • Exactly my point. There can’t be a speedy recovery given the depths of the illness.
      Ha ha yes, me too. It would be weird being lone survivors or something. That reminds me of the Phoenix play we had in school…

      Thanks for dropping by Ajay! πŸ˜€

  5. Well It may sound weird but there is only one way I react whenever I meet someone who is too much bothered by “2012 end of the world” or “world going to dogs”.
    I say-“I don’t understand.” And I really don’t. If you truly believe world would end by 2012 and feel utterly helpless then why bother worrying about it, make most of what you have.
    Or if you think you want to make do today for something that may or may not happen in the future the same thing.
    I am still alive and kicking, that is what matters. But then again they say, “It is not that simple.”
    But we are talking about the most arrogant race (in a bad way) to have inhabited this planet, humans. We say save the planet, save the atmosphere, etc. But in the end earth would be still there when we are not but rather that feeling too petite and guilty we are afraid to say “Save yourself or it will kill us”. We would be the first race to cause its own extinction.
    This is an amazing post, led a chain of thought that I know not how to end.
    It is indeed sad of what happened in Japan. I hope these troubled times are short lived.

    • Lavinor, you set me thinking again on this very fascinating subject.

      You know what, the make-the-most-of-the-present concept is all very good in writing but when considered in reality, often fizzles out. There are several people who design their current actions with the one intention of securing a future. And when that future seems doubtful, what’s the entire point?

      I couldn’t agree more about the arrogance part. Who are we fooling by campaigning about the atmosphere/forests/blah blah? It is our skin that we intend to save and lest we not realize it now, the soup is only going to get denser.

      I too hope things get better soon. My prayers go out to the people in Japan.

  6. well i have no problem with the world ending as long as we all go together…no suffering etc…otherwise it’s plain crazy…

    but i think nature might just be a little annoyed with us!!

    • I am not sure about the no suffering part but the together thing will materialize for sure. If the earth is swallowed up in one gulp, there’s no saving anyone.

      A little annoyed? You can say that again.

  7. what happened in japan is definitely a very brutal reality 😦
    as for the world ending in 2012…thats not the end..history has innumerous incidents depicting such happeninng but life still went on..i guess ( and hope) we has to live longer..cheers!

    • You have a point there Sarah. Calamities have struck often in the past and we have emerged each time. I too hope the earth has a longer shelf life than is being predicted. πŸ™‚

  8. I dont believe in these predictions….lets live life to the fullest till our last day or the Earth’s last day, whichever happens first…. πŸ™‚

  9. I wonder why we worry about the world coming to an end when we forget even to live today. We accumulate things but do we really grow-mentally and spiritually, have we really ‘enriched’ our lives?
    Feel for the Japanese but I have enormous faith in their capabilities, see how they emerged from the Hiroshima-nagasaki affair? They will emege again.
    But all this makes me wonder is anything really ours and in our control? The ne above keeps us balancing the ups and downs and keeps us on a level

    • Oh yes the Japanese are strong people and have a knack for pushing damage behind them. I wonder how things would have been had such a calamity unleashed on our country again. God forbid.
      I have to agree with you there- such things really aren’t in our control. And worrying about the inevitable serves no purpose. I only hope we quit the practices that seem designed to quicken an apocalypse.

  10. The current state of affairs is dismal so say the very least. Nature has already begun to prepare the graveyard for Mother Earth and to make matters worse human beings are leaving no stones unturned to destroy whatever of it is left…. May God help us

    • Ah that sounds gloomy but sadly it’s true. The strange part is how we are indeed not leaving any avenues for destruction unexplored.
      Let’s keep our fingers crossed and be happy while we can… πŸ˜€
      Thanks for the read Chhavi! πŸ˜€

  11. Hey Debbie!

    You’ve compiled quite a post here πŸ™‚
    To be honest, i had almost forgotten it was 2011 only- I thought it was 2012 already! A similar verdict was passed when we had the millennium.. let’s wait n watch.

    Hugs xxx

    • Hey Olivia! πŸ˜€

      Oh yes, the Y2K effect and stuff… nothing happened there but then it may just this time. Lets hope for the best.
      Thanks a lot for dropping by!

  12. I’m ok with the world ending. As long as it takes everyone along.. The only cause of concern should be the suffering it will cause to people.

  13. well, no use worrying about 2012 while we’re in 2011, Deboshree! I missed first dibs on your post? Oh darn! Anyways, I agree with CB.. enjoy each moment while we can I think πŸ™‚

    • Yes Vinay, worrying never serves a purpose. Wish he would realize the same. (but he is queer and will not even relate the speaker in my post to himself) I wonder though, if the apocalyptic predictions will come true.

      Ah, you missed the dibs this time. CB snatched them with her mantra. πŸ˜€

  14. World will end eventually, but should we loose sleep over it, or be paranoid about it. I believe it will be so quick that in nanosecond we will be vanquished. To get on with day to day life is the challenge. Let us survive today tomorrow will take care of itself

    • Certainly. Losing sleep over what is inevitable is absurd. All we can do is designing our daily life in a manner that delays that inevitable end… and makes the present more beautiful.
      Thanks for dropping by Umesh!

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