“Thank You” gears up for attack


Movies have wonderful names these days. Very apt.

For instance, umpteen people emerged from theatres claiming they indeed witnessed 7 khoons in the latest Vishal Bhardwaj flick. “Patience, sense, intelligence, expectation…” they cite some victim names when prompted. Others claim their heads were actually thumped on the hard floors of the Dhobi Ghat, so much so that they developed an ache.

So the point is, when I saw a theatrical promo of Anees Bazmee’s “Thank You” during a screening of The King’s Speech at E-Square, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. The makers will certainly need several thank yous  post-release.

Thank you for watching.

Thank you for not running out of the theatre.

Thank you for not throwing tomatoes at the screen.

In the trailer:

Akshay Kumar raises some hearty laughter, replete with never heard before sexist jokes.

Celina Jaitley has perfect expression in her cat eyes.

Sonam Kapoor once again proves her amazing mettle in film selection and eventually, performance execution.

Sunil Shetty is vintage wine…

…much like junior Deol who comes up for an encore after the tremendous success of Teen Guna Torture Yamla Pagla Deewana.

And Irfan Khan, you ask? I’ll reserve comment.

Please don’t assume I am not genuine in the compliment-giving. It requires a tonne of courage (perhaps two-three tonnes) to film another expensive-looking mindless bubblegum with actors as talented as the likes of Celina and Sonam. Gasp, I have my hats off in awe.

Do you know the ground rules? Bikini-clad nymphs dancing on exotic beaches always work. Even better if they are American. (the foreign types usually don’t get how inane the jokes are and blush and flutter eyelashes invariably) Those scenes where the whole cast (and crew) is running about in skimpy clothing, often interrupted in their ramping and romping… ah they work too. Who needs a story when you have I-stole-your-pants-ha-ha-ha type goof ups? Shhhh, make that ha ha a little subtle, Pappa jag jaayega!

Thank you movie

I hope the film will be a treat. Genuinely. But even if it turns out to be a classic cult comedy, I will send in my plaudits from three miles away.

I am very paranoid you see, about that tiny jelly like thing I have inside my head.

Picture Courtesy: http://www.brookes.ac.uk

18 thoughts on ““Thank You” gears up for attack

  1. Rule of Thumb, I only watch the movies that Bollywood filmgoer junta don’t like. There are a few exceptions, but most of the time they are terrible.
    Pre-Movie review, aye! that is something I ought to trying. Nicely done.

    • Ha ha so you’re the festival circuit type… 😉 But on a serious note, yes, the exceptions are few and far between.
      Thank you L… I couldn’t resist venting out some post-promo irritation.

    • Subtle humour seems to be too high a goal for filmmakers today. How I wish we had the good old Golmaal (and I mean the Amol Palekar one) days back.
      Delighted you enjoyed the post Richa… 😀

  2. It’s been ages since I’ve watched a really good Bollywood movie. They only seem to churn out trash off late. And this one belongs to the same category.

    I miss watching good Hindi movies, and miss the anticipation that built up prior to its release 😦

    • Ditto P. They make such trashy films these days. Even the few that are well made seem to be tainted due to their influence.
      As for the anticipation, it hardly builds up. Going in with low expectation is like a motto. 😦

  3. My view of the popular review is similar to that of the government. Never trust what they say.
    Some of the mega flops which I saw and loved.
    1. Swades
    2. Ek haseena thi
    3. Guzaarish
    4. Peepli live
    5. Dhobi Ghat(I am one of those wannabe’s who loved this film)
    6. Phas gaya re obama

    The list is quite huge. I will never forgive my friends who took me to the first day first show for Chandni chowk to china and Kiddnap(Seriously the girl was gushing at imraan).

    • You saw Chandni Chowk to China in the theatre? Oh, my sympathies go out for you. 😛 Kidnap was pathetic. Totally let me down.

      I loved films #1 to #4 from your list. Loved them a lot. Dhobi Ghat didn’t quite get to me though I had gone in with high hopes.

  4. Why does a actor of IRFAN khan’s Caliber need to do films like these and that too with the likes of akshay kumar or bobby deol who dont even know how to act. ..

    and the junior deol walks like a women.. nothing wrong with Shetty though 🙂

    God knows when we will have some decent movies , I hardly go to watch hindi movies cause i find them boring and 1000000% times i can guess whats going to happen and what dialogue is coming ..
    and why do they need to copy english movies hmmmm

    • Exactly the reason I reserved comment Bikram. Irfan Khan is far, far too talented an actor to work in such screaming-mindless cinema. Bobby Deol has always made me giggle. No offence, but acting is an art. You need an innate skill to be good at it.

      We have so many silly films being made these days. I am sticking to completing this year’s Oscar winners list before I consider another Hindi film.

  5. I’m not much of a movie buff, but I think after your pre-review of the movie, I’ll stay far away from it too 😀 Good thoughts about the ground rules.. sometimes I think even if the movie is seriously boring, and the ending with those ground rules, the movie gains a “hit” status.. 😛

    • Vinay, I can’t tell you how much I cringed during the promo. I found it hard to believe they were making another such flick – after Houseful and Tees Maar Khan blah blah. The whole package has me exhausted now. I wish the movie luck but for me and my mind, this ‘genre’ is banned for a long while. 😀

      Ha ha you bet. And dare we denounce mainstream too much, they say we are the festival people. Not the case. Mainstream cinema is staple diet and if made well, is received well too.

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