Horsing around in Matheran

Up the hills goes the merry little train…

The toy train ride
We hear the whistle, see the flag, waving about in the feisty breeze.
Oft the thin tracks they swag, the train lets on a gentle wheeze.
Cheery birds of the hills they call, the mountain streams they gleam.
Steep stones stare – unsmiling all: but to everyone we beam.
On snaky rifts we thence stop, and watch the toy train crawl.
At Matheran station out we hop, our luggage then we haul.

What lies in the forests of Matheran?

The forests of Matheran
In the land of horses, we stay, written in the Horseland book.
So horsey indeed is our way, as out we go to look.
We see the sun arise, and yawn: from his stony bed below.
orange robes he’s quick to adorn, and a bright golden glow.
Canopies green the trees host, dense is the forest around.
In a lurid house a white ghost, lurks without a sound.
Our horses gallop, their eyes grub, sharp rocks deter them not.
They stop to nibble: a stray shrub, and sigh as it gets too hot.
We return when darkness falls, the sun under his quilts.
A dinner hot at the resort calls, and sweet sleep she sits.

Back to the merry little train, that goes down the hills…

The market place
Chimps wake us up, their frolic loud: the market place alive.
Sandals stare: strappy and proud, here they seem to thrive.
Back in the train, tunnels go past, the morning is now noon.
We descend a curve: without ado, and decide it came too soon.
The city arrives, out we peep, the vehicles rise in number.
Matheran hides, in silence deep, unfazed, in eternal slumber.

*        *        *

Horse Land

How to go: Take a train to Neral from Pune station – a local train to Karjat (a 15 minutes ride) – and finally the toy train that takes you up to Matheran in two beautiful hours. You can always take a cab but you stand to miss the views then…

You can’t take a private vehicle for they aren’t allowed inside. Unless you have a personal horse of course.

Where to stay: Horseland Hotel and Spa – perfect location, nice rooms, good food. And comes reasonably priced too.

When to go: Anytime. (except the monsoons)


32 thoughts on “Horsing around in Matheran

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  3. It has been a long while since I went to Matheran. It was a good experience considering that it was for a day that began at 6 pm with catching a train from Dadar to Karjat and end at around 12 am. Well those were the days when I was head over heels in love. It was amazing …

    • Wow, covering Matheran in a day must be fun too. We had an overnight stay so it kind of spread out…
      Aha – its ideal love fodder indeed. Green valleys, mysterious lanes, soft sunsets. Glad you got reminded of beautiful memories. 🙂

  4. oooh..matheran is one my favorite places on earth..especially in the rains..such a nicely done post! got me all nostalgic 🙂

  5. Hello,

    First timer to this blog. New entry to IB. Like this very much. We had been to Matheran a few years’ back but missed the train : (. There was some work on track renovation..or something. More enjoyable than Matheran itself is the poetic description here. Will check back as often as..

    • Hello, welcome to P & P 😀
      Oops, I hope you get to go there again sometime and check the toy train out. It’s worth it.
      Really glad you enjoyed the rhyme. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  6. I have always envied those who could rhyme stanzas and you do it a little too perfectly.
    Sounds like a nice place… and you make it sound epic. Will have to visit it sometime.

    • I love rhyming stanzas too – they are my favourite kind of poetry. Delighted you liked my attempt. 😀

      Yep, it’s a lovely place if its serenity you crave. Do visit sometime.

    • Thanks a lot, that’s how wonderful Matheran turned out to be. 😀
      Haha well, I hope it helps some travellers. We, for instance, had quite a prolonged internet search about the Neral-Karjat thing.

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